5 Signs You Have A True Friend

5 Signs You Have A True Friend

Choosing between virtual friends and “actual” friends can be difficult in today’s era of rapid internet connections and amassing hundreds of friends on social media sites. Most of the time, the individuals we meet online just don’t understand us as our real-life pals do since they weren’t there for us during the hard times and don’t have a background in our lives. Although it’s not impossible to have deep relationships with people you meet through online dating or other unconventional means, most of us have one or two close pals we can always count on.

Do you know who your true friends are? These signs will tell you…

1. They stay with you through the good times and the bad.

A good friend will stay by your side and support you through the difficult times rather than abandon you just because you are going through a difficult time. Loyal friends will laugh with you in good times and weep with you in bad, which is a certain indicator of a true buddy. Keep in mind those relationships that go beyond passing acquaintances in today’s world of flimsy, false connections. These are the folks you should maintain in your life because they are unquestionably true friends who care about you and want what’s best for you.

2. They accept you exactly as you are.

We couldn’t leave out the fact that a good friend would let you be whatever you want to be, without passing judgment, from our list of characteristics of a true friend. Genuine friends welcome you regardless of your shortcomings and don’t demand that you change the aspects of yourself that even you find unacceptable. Your fears are put to rest by them, and they really appreciate your flaws. Whatever you identify with, a good friend will appreciate and cherish you for it. They will also respect you for your flaws as well as your strengths.

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True friends don’t set restrictions on your friendships; they accept you for who you are and don’t put any strain on it.

3. They will never hesitate to help you through your struggles.

A real friend would stop what they are doing to help you in difficult times rather than just letting you go through difficult times alone. True friends don’t only abandon their loved ones in the elements; they also pick them up off the ground, give them a fresh coat of paint, and take them back to safety. A real friend will always have your back since they know that you cannot possibly handle all of life’s difficulties alone.

4. They make time for you.

Real friends never refuse to hang out with you or say they’re too busy. A good friend would never refuse to spend out with you because they don’t have the time or energy, even if it means rearranging their schedule a little. True friends consistently appear to keep their word and make time for you, no matter how hectic their schedule becomes.

They engage you in their lives and set out particular hours each week to check up with you rather than letting life take over and just tossing you aside when things become busy for them.

5. You can feel totally comfortable around each other.

Being at comfortable around one another is another indication of a genuine friendship. Things simply seem to flow naturally between you two, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You don’t have to force a smile or a chuckle, either. True friends welcome you with open arms and hearts and tear down their defenses to let you in, rather than making you feel uneasy or afraid to share personal information.

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You may say everything you want without having to hold back; after all, what good is friendship if you have to continuously watch what you say? A true friend would always want you to express your feelings and opinions and would encourage you to do so. You don’t have to think twice about acting stupid or letting your guard down.

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