A Full Moon Has Powers To Change Your Mood: How To Use It

A Full Moon Has Powers To Change Your Mood: How To Use It

A persistent belief holds that a full moon may affect people’s emotions, throwing them off-balance and causing them to act erratically. People have believed that the full moon is a strong entity for ages.

It turns out, though, that there is actual evidence linking full moons to our emotions.

The overwhelming force of the Full Moon may take over your personality, ideas, and actions. Arguments make you more furious or pleased, depending on how you’re feeling. You must be in a calm frame of mind in order for this powerful energy to be channeled in a constructive manner.

The Full Moon happens when it is precisely in opposition to the sun, according to science. Or to put it another way, on the opposite side of the planet. This happens around every 29.5 days.

How can we harness the Full Moon’s potent forces if we know they exist?


You may be impacted by the full moon in one of two ways. You might be inundated with uplifting energy that will increase your motivation and attention, or you can be destroyed by afflictive energy.

Staying upbeat is the best course of action before to the full moon. Keep your mind off of the bad things. Replace each negative thinking with two upbeat ideas.


All of us have experienced those times when we’ve wished to be near our windows and gaze up at the Full Moon. Ah, those were the days when we had so many ideas as the light shone right on us! The Moon Bath was that.

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Similarly, this time you might want to do it in an open field and lie under the Full Moon rather than next to the window. Allow her love to illuminate you!


You can better utilize the full moon’s beneficial energies if you are at peace. You’ll develop greater self-awareness through meditation. You’ll be better able to see your goals and desires with the aid of these approaches for personal introspection.

Clear thinking will stop you from letting negative thoughts rule your mind. Only two situations result in negative thoughts:

  1. When you are stressed about something going wrong.
  2. When you doubt your ability to complete the task successfully.

Your heart rate and thoughts can calm down and become more clear with the aid of the deep breathing techniques used in meditation.

So you’re prepared to accept the wonderful energy of the full moon and make the most of it when it arrives.

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