Am I Pregnant? 15 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Feel like you could be pregnant? Here are some of the most typical first-month pregnancy symptoms.

Am I Pregnant? 15 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

While a missing period is frequently the first indication of pregnancy, there are several other signs you should watch out for. These can include mood changes, aching breasts, exhaustion, and morning sickness.

Each person’s and each pregnancy’s symptoms are unique. Additionally, it might be challenging to separate pregnancy symptoms from premenstrual symptoms. Take a pregnancy test as soon as your menstruation starts to lag in order to be certain. A pregnancy test or ultrasound is the only way to determine whether you are pregnant.

Common Early Pregnancy Signs

These symptoms are not always present, and the absence of them does not necessarily indicate that you are not pregnant or that your pregnancy is not viable. However, during the first few weeks of pregnancy, a lot of people do detect these signs and symptoms.

1. Missed or Strange Period

One of the most reliable indicators of pregnancy is a missed period. A missed period doesn’t automatically indicate pregnancy, though. If your pregnancy test is positive, a medical professional will inquire about the start day of your last regular menstruation (LMP). If you are pregnant, that day will also help you figure out when you are due.

Even while some people experience implantation bleeding right before their period is due, it is typically only spotting and lighter or shorter than their typical period. A few women may cycle throughout their pregnancy, however this is uncommon.

If your periods are normally irregular, it could be more difficult to notice a missed or unusual period. A pregnancy test and subsequent pelvic exam may be required in this situation. Your doctor will take steps to rule out other potential causes if pregnancy is ruled out as the reason for your missed period.

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