Does The Moon Affect Your Hair? How To Use The Lunar Cycle To Time Your Cut & Color

Does The Moon Affect Your Hair? How To Use The Lunar Cycle To Time Your Cut & Color

If you enjoy astrology, you’re undoubtedly already aware of the several inclinations of the universe. You probably already know that a new moon is a good time to create new goals and a full moon is a good time to get rid of emotional junk. You may also be aware that it’s best to avoid making important decisions when Mercury is in retrograde. But have you ever considered how the moon affects your general attractiveness? Better still, did you know that the moon has a significant impact on your hair? Feel free to turn to the moon for advice on all your hair-related requirements, whether you’re dreaming of long, lush locks right out of a catalog or you’re thinking of an edgy cut that turns heads.

So what’s the connection between the moon and your hair? Because of how important the moon is to almost everything, the solution is actually rather straightforward. Given that humans are composed primarily of water (approximately 70%), the moon has a significant impact on both our mental and physical health. Consider the fact that the ocean is being drawn toward the moon by its gravity. The majority of the human body is made up of water, and much like the tides, we are dragged by the moon’s whims. Even our cardiovascular system is impacted by it! In fact, compared to other times of the lunar cycle, humans frequently experience a little reduction in blood pressure during new moons and full moons, according to a 2013 study on the effects of the moon on the human body.

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It stands to reason that the moon would affect our hair as well as the rest of our looks if it had an impact on our body. If you’re interested in learning more about how the moon influences your mane and how you can use its power to change the look of your hair, keep reading.

How Does The Moon Affect Your Hair?

The focus of the 28-day lunar cycle is growth. The new moon, which stands for the act of sowing the seeds of something new, marks the beginning of it. That seed starts to develop and sprout leaves as the moon waxes, and by the time the full moon occurs, it has finally reached its peak growth stage and is in full bloom. The cycle continues by the time the moon wanes and enters the new moon phase once more, continuously bringing us fresh growth.

Each hair strand in your head is going through its own development cycle, much like the moon. Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen are the three distinct phases that it passes through. The growing period of the first one, anagen, lasts for several years. Your hair will reach its maximum length at this point! By the time your hair reaches the catagen phase, it stops growing, and by the time it reaches the telogen phase, it starts to shed.

It only seems logical that there would be a link between the two when you take into account that the moon cycle and the process of growing your hair have comparable peaks and troughs. The optimum times of the month to make changes to your hair can be found if you pay attention to the lunar cycle’s ups and downs.

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