25 Manipulation Tactics Narcissists Use To Control You

25 Manipulation Tactics Narcissists Use To Control You

We frequently fail to recognize the ways in which the people we care about or interact with try to manipulate us.

Narcissists have a selfish attitude. They frequently monopolize talks, mistreat their family members, and act dishonestly in order to make money. We make an effort to avoid these dishonest people, yet we occasionally find ourselves at their mercy.

You may best safeguard your mental and emotional health by recognizing their negative impact and freeing yourself from narcissist manipulation.

Manipulation Tactics Narcissists Use To Control You

1. The Big Lie

Spinning an extravagant lie that is so difficult to even attempt to disprove.

Narcissists are persuaded that anything they say in the heat of the moment is truthful in every way. Lies frequently come naturally. They are aware that the more outrageous the falsehood, the more likely it is to deceive and fool others.

Narcissists practice it repeatedly and get better at it until it becomes second nature. They also employ lying by omission, which is when they suppress the truth rather than making false claims.

In order to take advantage of the victim’s ignorance of some crucial information to him or her, omission seeks to isolate the victim behind a wall of concealment.

2. Discourage And Criticize

Instead of criticizing the victim’s good channels for expression, the criticism aims to dissuade them.

The manipulator will discourage, undermine, or destroy any efforts made to join a social club, team, or organization. Any attempts at artistic, musical, or other forms of creativity will be ridiculed, and the victim’s work will also be denigrated.

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The intention is to undermine the victim’s sense of self-worth and keep them away from anything that would earn them praise or attention from others.

4. Total Control

They manage practically everything, including the talk, the food, the social trips, and the expenses. To ensure that they are the center of attention and the relationship’s primary focus, the narcissist feels the need to exert control over these factors.

Go ahead and discuss your day if you want to. But be aware that they won’t hear you, won’t pay attention to what you say, and will start talking about their day right away.

You gradually forget everything about yourself and your goals as a result of this. Stop and reflect on what you are doing and where you may go next to improve your life as soon as the relationship reaches this point of manipulation.

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