Everything You Need To Know About Septum Piercings

Everything You Need To Know About Septum Piercings

The septum piercing, oh my. The practice of having a piercing in the area between your nostrils has gone from unusual to quite common. Many famous people have experimented with the style, including Jessica Biel, Lady Gaga, and FKA Twigs, to mention a few. And if you’re considering getting a septum piercing to liven up your appearance (and a fake one like Rihanna’s isn’t doing it for you), here is all the important information you need to know about them.

The nicest part is that it doesn’t have to be permanent, in addition to the lovely septum jewelry you’ll get to buy for. If you decide to remove the ring permanently, it doesn’t leave much of a trail either. But that doesn’t imply that it should be done on a whim. Like every piercing, it needs to heal properly and with the appropriate care and attention.

A septum piercing is a distinctive adornment that may add a touch of sparkle or edge to your overall appearance. It also looks incredibly fantastic. It’s a flexible piercing that may help you express several facets of who you are; you can go large and bold, little and classic, or punk rock with it. Additionally, it is simple to hide from anyone you might not want to view it.

There are several things you should consider before getting your septum pierced if you want to try something new. These are the main things to think about while considering a septum piercing.

How Much Does A Septum Piercing Hurt?

An indent is an indent. The skin is torn. Everyone has a different threshold for pain, but getting a septum piercing will hurt no matter who you are or how much pain you can take.

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According to Tiny Tatz, a piercer at Addicted to Ink in White Plains, New York, with years of expertise, “it’s pretty much equivalent to a standard nose piercing.” “It feels like you need to sneeze, or as when you are smacked in the nose and your eyes briefly moisten.”

It’s challenging to complete, according to Tiny Tatz, since “there is a particular spot where you have to get beneath the cartilage.” It’s challenging because the piercer must use specialized instruments to maneuver between the two nostrils without puncturing the nose itself. Make certain you do your homework and choose a respectable piercer with considerable expertise.

How Long Does A Septum Piercing Take To Heal?

Everyone recovers in their own way, but according to Tiny Tatz, the healing process typically takes six to eight weeks, and jewelry should not be replaced before then. Pay attention to your body’s signals and give your septum piercing enough time to heal.

According to Brian Keith Thompson of Body Electric Tattoo in Hollywood, who does celebrity piercings, “To allow the healing process to take place after any piercing, you must wait six to eight weeks. A premature change might result in problems, scarring, extra bleeding, and further harm.”

Thompson, who has pierced Beyoncé and Emma Stone, emphasizes that in order to recover, you must be aware of what you are getting yourself into and dedicated to the time period.

With any kind of piercing, patience is key, he claims. “To finish the healing process, you must have the maturity and patience.”

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What Is The Septum Piercing Aftercare Like?

Simple aftercare is just letting things be. Keep it out of your hands, but if you must touch it, make sure your hands are clean. You absolutely want to avoid touching your new piercing since bacteria on your hands might infect it.

“I advise people to get a horseshoe pierced and leave it in place. Some people get it, but must immediately flip it up due to obligations at work or a desire to conceal it. If you must move and turn the jewelry, first soak it in some warm water to prevent it from tugging or becoming crusty and opening a new wound “Tiny Tatz stated. In addition, wash it twice daily for two to three weeks with a mild antibacterial soap, piercing aftercare spray, or wound wash saline solution.

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