How To Stop Eating At Night

Set a cutoff time

How To Stop Eating At Night

You may have supper at 6 o’clock, so you make sure to finish by the deadline of 7 o’clock. It may be simpler to adhere to a strict rule like “no food after 7 p.m.” than a more ambiguous directive like “no snacking before bed.” This is because it is so rigorous.

Depending on your schedule, your cutoff time could be earlier or later, but it’s still useful to have one in mind.

Distract yourself

What mood do you have at night? Anxious? Bored? Restless? It is well recognized that unpleasant feelings might tempt us to eat even when we are not actually hungry in order to temporarily distract ourselves. The best method to overcome this is to become aware of your emotional triggers and learn how to deal with them. What are you experiencing at the moment when you first have a craving? Is there a better course of action you could take?

You may take a bath, read a book, or phone a friend instead of reaching for whatever is around to eat.

Alternately, consider dropping by the gym for some light activity to release endorphins.

It will be simpler than ever to resist unneeded snacking if you engage in activities other than eating to keep you amused. Try out different activities to find what works and have fun while doing it.

Stay busy

Find a thoughtful, enjoyable hobby that doesn’t entail eating. After supper, finish off the cleanup and leave the kitchen. Play a board game with your family. Alternately, if you’re alone, read a book. Participate in a soothing hobby.

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Planting oneself in front of the TV is something you should usually avoid doing. Overeating has been linked to watching television.

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