Instagram Profile Pictures: 10 Best Practices To Follow

Instagram Profile Pictures: 10 Best Practices To Follow

6. Use Your Logo If You’re A Business.

You can (and probably should) use your logo as your profile image if you manage a company account on Instagram. This will help in ensuring that your branding is consistent throughout all of your websites, social media accounts, emails, and other platforms where you utilize your logo or otherwise represent your brand.

Especially if your firm consists of more than just you, using your logo makes you seem more professional.

Use one of your own photographs if you’re an influencer or a company owner with a personal brand that you’re the face of. This makes you more relatable to your audience and lets them know who they should follow.

For their followers to get to know them better, businesses that use their logo as their profile picture may still post personal images in the feed or Stories.

7. Avoid Using Off-Center Photos.

Although it may be common to follow the rule of thirds in larger images and position you or the topic out to the side, this is not the case for profile shots. Your profile photo is crucial, but it’s also little.

Your face will seem much smaller if you pick an off-center picture. Inside the little area, you’ll also make it more difficult for others to see and identify you.

Find a great picture of you in the middle instead. It will be simpler for your fans and prospective followers to find you, engage with you, and determine whether or not they want to spend time looking at your account as a result.

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8. Use A Photo You Won’t Have To Update Often.

Since your profile picture plays a significant role in your branding, you want people to be able to notice and identify you even in the tight Instagram community.

They may get perplexed if you often change your profile photo, or they may swipe past your posts without recognizing it. The “cover” for your Stories at the top of the app also uses your profile photo. People may not click on your Stories if they don’t recognize your photo.

Choose a picture that you genuinely enjoy and that fits with your brand rather than one that you’ll need to replace often. Use nothing seasonal or time-sensitive, such as a photo of you next to a tree during the holiday season. Choose a timeless image with a traditional, neutral backdrop.

9. Make Certain You’re Using the Proper Size.

Despite the fact that Instagram profile images are so tiny, you should nevertheless post a high-quality image.

The last thing you want to do is submit a picture that is too tiny and have Instagram make it blurry.

This not only does not represent your company well, but it also makes it more difficult for viewers to see an already tiny picture.

10. Make Sure It Fits Your Brand.

Don’t choose a gloomy, somber image for your profile picture if your brand is consistently vibrant and cheerful. It will sound fake, and your audience could be perplexed.

Instead, choose a picture that goes with your brand. Even while the colors are significant, this goes beyond that.

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You should also make an effort to convey the tone of your brand, such as whether it is lively and amusing or subdued and serious. There is no right or wrong option here, but you want your Instagram profile photo to convey the essence of your company.

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