International Kissing Day

International Kissing Day

Whatever kind of kiss you choose, International Kissing Day on July 6 is the ideal time of year to honor this understated yet evocative act. Kissing is an age-old custom with meaning that goes much beyond merely romance, including French kissing, a formal kiss on the cheek, a kiss hello, and a kiss goodbye.


We can credit the Romans for the widespread use of kissing in Europe if we go back in antiquity. They distinguished between three types of kissing: the savium, the basium, and the osculum, which is a pleasant peck on the cheek (the most passionate of kisses on the mouth). When, where, and how you kissed someone in Roman culture were significant indicators of social standing.

French ladies were more willing to use the passionate method than their American and British counterparts, hence the phrase “French kiss” was likely originated by American and British troops in France during World War I. Therefore, even though it is obvious that the French did not invent “French kissing,” it seems only fitting that they were given credit for it because of the passionate excitement of French lovers a century ago.

It’s interesting to note that until recently, the French language lacked a name for the well-known mouth-to-mouth exchange. Le Petit Robert, a well-known but unofficial French dictionary, now includes the verb galocher, which means “kissing with tongues.” This word was added in 2014. Today, couples who are apart may interact via straw-like devices that function through a computer thanks to a French kissing machine that was recently developed by a team of Japanese experts.

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The purpose of International Kissing Day is to promote deeper relationships among individuals in general, not only French kissing your significant other. The key argument was that, instead of only being a matter of social protocol, so many people had lost the basic joys of kissing for its own reason. Kissing is a sign of affection and closeness and may be a pleasurable experience in and of itself.


Kissing is an art that transcends cultural conventions. No matter what culture or nation you are from, kissing is seen as a pleasurable action. International Kissing Day is all about sharing kisses with those you love, whether it be a tender peck on the cheek or a passionate, deep kiss.

Don’t be timid today! As the day progresses, continue to kiss your partner throughout the day. Kiss your girlfriends on the cheeks, ladies, and kiss your mother or sister on the forehead with affection, males. Why not ‘give’ out’ back-of-the-hand hugs as well? They are undervalued. There are various romantic and non-romantic ways to kiss. So tighten up!


  1. Kiss a person you care about. Give someone a kiss to let them know how much you care about them, whether it’s your partner, your mother, or your closest friend. Always make it consensual; just because you want to kiss someone doesn’t imply they want to be kissed by you.
  2. Hershey’s Kisses as a treat
  3. Do you realize how well Hershey’s Kisses fit within your pursed lips? Although no one is certain of the actual origin of the term Hershey’s Kisses, mythology holds that it stems from the sound the chocolate makes when it falls onto the conveyer belt. How lovely!
  4. Give everyone a cheek kiss to say welcome.
  5. To welcome someone, it’s customary in many cultures (especially French) to give them a single kiss on each cheek. Try it out on your coworkers and pals. But please, no tongue—just pecks!
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  • It is a full-face exercise. Did you know that just two muscles are used in a basic pucker kiss, compared to the 34 used in a French kiss? When a make-out session will get our hearts pumping and our muscles tensing up, why needs the gym?
  • Kissing acts as a natural relaxant that makes us feel joyful and at ease. It also lowers tension. Kissing causes our brain to release feel-good hormones, which both calms and excites us.
  • Kissing transcends linguistic and cultural barriers. Kissing is a universal sign of affection that transcends language, nationality, and religion. It has the same meaning anywhere it is used. Without speaking to your kissing partner, you may express complicated feelings through kissing.
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