The Best Time to Book a Flight for Domestic, International, and Holiday Travel

The Best Time to Book a Flight for Domestic, International, and Holiday Travel

Although it’s somewhat of an art, finding the greatest airline deals also involves some science, or at the very least economics. There are just two unambiguous rules: Bookings for flights begin around a year in advance, and prices will frequently alter before departure. As a general guideline, you should purchase your airline tickets well in advance of your trip because costs tend to increase significantly in the days before departure, preying on any last-minute passengers who are forced to pay a premium.

The destination and time of year are only two of the numerous factors that affect the dynamic pricing trends of airline tickets. You can make reservations just a few weeks in advance in some circumstances (domestic travel in the fall), but you’re better off doing so months in advance in others (such as a trip over a big travel holiday, when demand is high).

Now, you’ve probably heard the adage that Tuesdays are the cheapest day of the week to book a flight. It turns out that isn’t the case because typical ticket costs only vary by roughly $4 each day of the week. Instead, getting a good deal is all about using a long-term perspective and looking for windows of opportunity that might last weeks or even months.

The truth is that finding the greatest travel deals may be challenging. But we’re here to assist you in beginning your quest. Our first piece of advice is to get a head start on tracking flight costs so you can monitor pricing changes. To get notified when the price of your monitored flights changes, use Hopper or Google Flights.

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