Is Hookah Bad For You? How Hookah Smoking Affects Your Health

Is Hookah Bad For You? How Hookah Smoking Affects Your Health

Because of its pleasant flavor and aroma as well as the fact that most individuals only smoke hookah rarely, hookah smoking is frequently misunderstood for a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

However, there isn’t a healthy smoking alternative. In addition to carrying hazards like lung illness, heart disease, and cancer, hookah smoking is not healthier than cigarette smoking.

Hookahs have been used for many years in historic India and Persia. These days, hookah smoking is frequently done in groups, either at home or at cafes or lounges.

What Is Hookah?

Smoking tobacco that has been flavored and sweetened is done with a hookah, a type of water pipe.
Other names for hookah include:

  • narghile
  • argileh
  • shisha
  • hubble-bubble
  • goza

The tobacco chamber, water chamber, and one or more flexible tubes that extend from it allow numerous individuals to inhale simultaneously. The pipe is typically rather large.

Tobacco for hookah is frequently flavored with flavors like coconut, mint, or coffee, and is frequently sweetened with molasses, fruit pulp, or honey. Tobacco’s flavorings sweeten its flavor and scent, making it particularly enticing to young people.

It’s vital to remember that hookahs can be used to smoke marijuana, hashish, and herbal shisha in addition to tobacco. There are many different sizes of hookahs, and it’s simple to conceal small, 8-inch-tall ones in toilets, cars, and dorm rooms.

How Hookah Works

A bowl with burning charcoal is put on top of the flavoring tobacco in a hookah’s tobacco chamber. Aluminum foil with perforations separates the tobacco from the charcoal.

Smoke is produced as the tobacco heated by the charcoal. The smoke is drawn through the water chamber of the hookah when someone inhales through the stem (hose), cooling it before it enters the lungs.

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Through a flexible hose that is passed from one user to the next, the smoke is breathed.

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