Native American Animal Signs

(Jul 22 – Aug 21)

Element: Fire and Water
Western Zodiac: Leo ♌
Color(s): Red
Stone/Mineral: Carnelian
Traits: Proud, Energetic, Confident
Compatible With: Owl, Falcon

Native American Animal Signs

The salmon has a strong personality and instantly brightens whatever space they enter. They enjoy being in the spotlight and don’t hate it at all. The salmon is a very gifted, clever, and social animal, but without great desires and goals to go towards, they may develop undesirable habits and stagnate. They appreciate surrounding themselves with energetic, optimistic individuals, ideally those who also have big dreams in mind.

(Aug 22 – Sep 21)

Element: Water and Earth
Western Zodiac: Virgo ♍
Color(s): Brown, Purple
Stone/Mineral: Topaz
Traits: Practical, Modest, Dutiful
Compatible With: Goose, Beaver

Native American Animal Signs

The brave, mighty bear is logical, analytical, and straightforward to the core. Bears are incredibly patient creatures who will always be loyal to you. A bear may be quiet and placid on the outside, but they may have a nasty temper on the inside.

(Sep 22 – Oct 22)

Element: Earth and Air
Western Zodiac: Libra ♎
Color(s): Brown, Blue
Stone/Mineral: Jasper
Traits: Peace-loving, Friendly, Diplomatic
Compatible With: Otter, Deer

Native American Animal Signs

Ravens naturally find the ideal balance in their life, and by doing so, they assist others in doing the same. They never put up with unfairness or bullying and always speak up for what is right. Despite the fact that they are also reserved, they are never afraid to pursue their goals in life. Even though they are experiencing a whirlwind inside of them, they have a very elegant speaking style that makes them seem calm and collected.

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