Native American Animal Signs

(Apr 20 – May 20)

Element: Fire and Air
Western Zodiac: Taurus ♉
Color(s): Yellow, Blue
Stone/Mineral: Jasper, Hematite
Traits: Practical, Hardworking, Reliable
Compatible With: Goose, Woodpecker, Bear

Native American Animal Signs

The beaver has a strong work ethic and won’t give up until the job is finished. They may, however, be obstinate and unwilling to consider other people’s opinions in a given scenario. They are trustworthy and dependable individuals, and you can depend on them to carry through. Beavers are calm, level-headed, and logical and pragmatic thinkers.

(May 21 – Jun 20)

Element: Fire and Earth
Western Zodiac: Gemini ♊
Color(s): Yellow, Blue
Stone/Mineral: Agate
Traits: Moody, Intelligent, Conversationalist
Compatible With: Raven, Otter

Native American Animal Signs

Despite their passive disposition, deer may also be friendly and quite likeable. They travel rapidly and don’t stop till they get there. Deer are friendly and cheerful, yet they may also have a completely different personality at times, retreating inside their shell and longing for alone. The characteristics of this behavior are ideal for a Gemini, whose birthday falls within the dates mentioned above.

(Jun 21 – Jul 21)

Element: Water
Western Zodiac: Cancer ♋
Color(s): Pink
Stone/Mineral: Carnelian, Rose Quartz
Traits: Protective, Sensitive, Supportive
Compatible With: Snake, Wolf, Beaver

Native American Animal Signs

The noble woodpecker can be summed up in a few terms, including persistent, devoted, and brave. Despite their diminutive size, they have a powerful punch. Woodpeckers make themselves known when they enter a space, yet they are by no means haughty. In actuality, the whole reverse is true. They constantly put the needs of others before their own and are exceptionally kind, compassionate, and humble. However, people can be easily upset when expectations aren’t met.

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