Pay Attention If He Doesn’t Text You

Pay Attention If He Doesn’t Text You

Nowadays, when you’re dating, texting is generally your primary method of communication—at least initially—with a new guy. When your crush is blowing up your phone, this may be quite helpful. Additionally, it might be awful to wait for that post-first date communication that never arrives. The fact is that he doesn’t like you if he isn’t messaging you.

1. Every guy that you’ve dated has texted first.

You’ll see that this is true if you go down memory lane for texts. Your ex-boyfriends contacted you to set up dates or to say hello. Even your nearly lovers were texting machines and occasionally inquired about your whereabouts.

2. It proves that he’s not thinking about you.

Here’s a straightforward rule: a guy thinks about you when he likes you. He texts you when he is thinking about you. It’s time to accept that you’re not on his mind if that’s simply not occurring. That shouldn’t make you feel awful. He is the focus of the situation, not you. Just as you don’t like every guy you go out with, not everyone is going to like you.

3. He should come up with random reasons to get in touch.

Pizza was it that he had for lunch? Before a crucial business meeting, did you overindulge in coffee and get nervous and shaky? Is he attempting to amuse you? A guy texts you for the most bizarre reasons when he likes you. Those messages ought to be coming to you, and they ought to make you smile since they show that he’s interested.

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4. He doesn’t want to move things forward.

He will make sure you are aware of his feelings for you if he does. He won’t want you to date another person while ignoring him. Sincerely, that’s what you want to hope for—that he won’t be able to forget about you. Why would he want to wait for you to take action instead of taking action himself? What would be the purpose of that?

5. You can’t be the one doing all the work.

Really, are you the only one who can make this new relationship work? Whether you’re saying hello after a few days of quiet or asking him if he wants to get out again, do you want to text first every time? Actually, no.

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