What Your Nail Shape Says About You

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

Though, unless they are really dazzling, a girl’s nails are not the first thing you notice about her, they do have the ability to reveal certain personality qualities.

Nail fads come and go, but many of us remain with the same shape without giving it a second thought every time we get a manicure. Whether genuine or false, your manicurist’s query about how you want your nails shaped is essentially code for “Tell me your personality.” What message is being sent by your go-to nail shape, then?

Nail experts from all around the world have long said that your nail form may reveal a lot about the kind of person you are.

People may tell if you are confident and courageous or quiet and laid-back by the form of your nails. Who would have believed that a person could learn so much about you from the form of your nails?

Find Out What Your Nail Shape Says About You

Over the past century, our nails’ shapes have undergone significant alteration. Before, just a few basic forms like square, oval, and round existed. The almond shape, coffin shape, stiletto shape, and the most popular form, the squoval, have now been introduced to the universe of nail shapes.

It’s time for some serious nail reading now, my friends!

1. Squoval

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

Although you don’t create trends, you always wear the newest fashions, and there is nothing wrong with adhering to the status quo. You are constantly in the middle of the group because you are straightforward and have nails that are midway between an oval and a square form. This design is the ideal complement to the season’s must-have shoe and purse, which you purchased as soon as they became available.

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You have a great sense of humor if you prefer squoval nails. You have a laid-back, fun-loving attitude that has little trouble switching from conventional thinking to a more creative, destructive one. Likewise, others enjoy being around you since you are an easy adapter.

2. Supershot (Natural)

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

Short nails are a statement of simplicity, little care, and simple maintenance. This individual may like dressing in jeans and a t-shirt. They might paint their nails, but they won’t go all out to up their nail game.

3. Round

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

The most useful of all nail forms, according to some, is the round shape. This is due to the fact that natural nails make doing it the simplest. Women who are calmer and more laid back should have round nails.

Your style can be summed up in one word: classic. When you go to bed at night, you dream about how you wish your life were a little more like a black-and-white Audrey Hepburn movie. You maintain the same daily uniform of classic, fitted items. You could have been visiting the same manicurist for years. You don’t venture too far from your comfort zone on the odd occasion that you do wish to emerge from your shell.

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