11 Things Men Notice First About Women

Have you ever wondered what characteristics men pick up on when they first lay eyes on a woman?

11 Things Men Notice First About Women

There are several things that females frequently take for granted when it comes to what men notice and find appealing about women.

You probably assume most of the time that men simply pay attention to your physique or another feature of your appearance at first, and to some level, that is frequently accurate.

However, there’s little doubt that boys notice more than just your physical characteristics.

Whether you believe it or not, boys pay far more attention to a woman than simply her outward appearance.

Take a look at a few intriguing and sometimes startling traits men find the most attractive in women.

11 Things Men Notice First About Women

1. Smile

One of the things that most guys focus on initially in a lady is her gorgeous smile.

Women who smile are perceived as being lot more appealing and friendly. She gives off an upbeat and happy vibe. Therefore, striking up a conversation with a cheerful woman is considerably simpler.

When a lady smiles, men always feel more self-assured and manly. A grin is also incredibly contagious; when you smile at someone, they smile back at you.

Numerous research have demonstrated that smiling encourages a more favorable response. When a lady initially approaches a man, he is struck by her pleasant and sincere smile. Therefore, try to smile more often since you never know who could be attracted to your lovely smile.

11 Things Men Notice First About Women

2. Eyes

Her eyes are another frequent feature that attracts men to women first.

Adult guys gaze into your eyes while speaking to you rather than trying to steal a glimpse. A guy will never fail to notice you since your eyes say more than words ever could. They are said to be the “mirror to one’s soul.”

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According to surveys, approximately 70% of males focus only on a woman’s eyes before turning their attention to anything else. Men find it simpler to admire a woman’s eyes since they receive more approval from her than compliments on other body features.

Another common misconception is that men favor females with big, childlike eyes. The right makeup will work in this situation!

Try to maintain eye contact with him for a few seconds if you want to draw him in. You will be able to tell right away whether there is a potential for your acquaintance to grow on you.

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