What Is a Simp? Meet Gen Z’s New Version of the Nice Guy

What Is a Simp? Meet Gen Z’s New Version of the Nice Guy

We all know about “the nice guy” and what it means, but what about the term ‘simp’? What is a simp? Welcome to Gen Z’s new nice guy: the simp.

Like me, you probably have no idea what’s going on in the Gen Z world if you’ve managed to get on TikTok. Even after using TikTok for weeks, I still don’t comprehend half of what they accomplish. Is it okay to dance and lip sync while being filmed? Who are simps? We won’t even begin here because I am perplexed by so many other aspects of them.

Despite the fact that my generation invented social media, there are some things I’ll never fully comprehend. nor in any way to boast.

That can wait until another day, though. The simp is what we’re here to discuss. You could have seen this term being used on TikTok but still be unsure of its meaning.

Simp 101: What is a simp?

I was in the same situation, to be quite honest. But then I learned what “simp” actually meant. I’m grateful to Urban Dictionary. I don’t blame you if you’re sick of trying to figure out and guess what “simp” means.

Although the majority of us believe it to be a brand-new term with a brand-new meaning. Actually, you already know the meaning of this term. Greetings from “the pleasant man.” Even while we might not see anything wrong with respecting a lady, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It appears to be strictly prohibited on TikTok. But let’s explore the definition of a “simp” in more detail.

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Whether or not to simp. The query is that.

#1 What does ‘simp’ mean? 

Let’s define it first before moving on. The definition of “simp” on Google is “a stupid or dumb person.” However, in this context, a “simp” does not indicate that. Thank goodness, I know what a new age simp really is.

A simp is a person, male or female, who shows kindness and respect to another person exclusively with the intention of developing a love or sexual connection.

#2 In other words, a simp isn’t being honest. 

Some people begin a friendship in the regular way, only for it to develop into something more. But this is unique.

A simp is someone who poses as a buddy in order to slither into the other person’s underwear. For instance, it’s OK for a man to buy his female friend’s ice cream even though they are buddies. However, he merely does it to make a move.

#3 These people are usually friend-zoned. However, I mean this literally. Simps are those who are thought of as buddies. The other person just sees the simp as a friend, but the simp feels that they merit a romantic or physical relationship instead than just a friendship.

#4 They became a friend without wanting to be a friend. The truth is that a simp is just someone who is seen as a friend. But they never wanted to be friends with the simp. They merely did this to advance their unspoken goals. They didn’t approach the friendship honestly, to put it another way.

#5  It is applicable to both genders. Without a doubt, being a “simp” or “simping” can refer to either gender. You can find a ton of videos featuring women on TikTok. So at least both sexes are represented. But I must be open and honest with you about this.

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#6 It’s geared mostly to men. Let’s not fool ourselves; yes, there are memes and TikTok videos about women being simps. The majority of the material available encourages guys to act like simpletons. It unfortunately promotes the archaic notion that men can only treat women nicely if they want to have sex with them.

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