15 Types Of Social Media Friends (Which One Are You?)

15 Types Of Social Media Friends (Which One Are You?)

Without social media, the twenty-first century would be lacking. Social media is constantly bursting with fascinating trends and activities, from saree to ice bucket challenges, group video conferencing, and virtual friendships.

Therefore, everyone is there to participate in virtual communities, starting with celebrities and ending (sadly) with juveniles as young as 14. Everyone enjoys using social media to remain current.

Some people use their social media accounts solely to check others’ postings and statuses, while others share their daily activities with their online connections.

While some people choose to write political blogs, others constantly circulate memes. Not only that, but some people also prefer to remain mute while using social media as a virtual security system.

The 15 different types of friends that we all have on social media will be discussed in this article.

1. The Marketers

The appealing male or attractive female on your contact list will never text you back but will constantly advertise their fitness and beauty pages. They will treat you more like a fan and encourage that you enjoy their pages and stuff!

2. The Fans

They don’t care what you write, what you photograph, how you appear in selfies, or the words you use to condemn the scum. Fans will adore it nonetheless!

There are two possibilities: either you are a genius or all those fans are ardent dummies. The second choice is infinitely unlikely; after all, good people can’t be passionate dunces, can they?

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