7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

5. Mushrooms

We always wash our vegetables since it is customary and it is acceptable for typical vegetables and plants, but we hardly ever think about how different mushrooms are.

Mushrooms have a very high capacity to absorb the water that they’re supposed to be washed from because they are entirely made of mycelium (the thread-like structures that make up a fungus’s body), a completely different kingdom from plants and basically having a completely different makeup from plants.

Mushrooms behave somewhat like microscopic sponges when exposed to water for a long time, and their texture and flavor are significantly changed. Despite the fact that this does not make mushrooms poisonous, they are very absorbent and can get soggy and rubbery if they are wet for a long time. Use a moist paper towel to clean them instead.

6. Pre-washed salad mixes

7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

Observe the next time if you always rinse your prepackaged produce. There is no need to wash the contents of some containers because they have already been pre-washed or triple-washed, which is typically the case with salad mixes or leafy greens.

In reality, any benefit you may believe it receives is outweighed by the risk of the contents becoming cross-contaminated with bacteria during the process of your rewashing it. Toss those ingredients into your salad, smoothie, or casserole to save yourself some time and enjoy.

7. Raw fish

7 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking

The same precautions should be taken with raw fish as with raw chicken and beef to prevent the spread of bacteria throughout your kitchen. Instead, purchase fish from a trustworthy fishmonger that has been gutted and scaled.

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Clean all of the surfaces in your kitchen work spaces thoroughly after using the restroom. Your greatest options for avoiding foodborne infections are these straightforward safety measures.

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