How To Make Yourself Poop – All Natural Ways To Ease Constipation

Here, there is no shame. At some point, we’ve all had excruciating constipation, and it’s not enjoyable.

How To Make Yourself Poop – All Natural Ways To Ease Constipation

You surely need to know how to make yourself poop on command — or, you know, ASAP — if constipation is currently causing havoc on your life (and/or colon). Poop jokes won’t assist you at this point.

You sense the same pressure below you.

The call of nature prompts you to go the restroom. You wait, push, and sit. Then… nothing. You just can’t get yourself to poop, it seems. You may be constipated if several hours have passed and you haven’t urinated twice.

Everybody’s bowel movements are unique. Generally speaking, the healthy range is three times per week to three times per day. The ability to poop can be impacted by a variety of factors, including food, illness, and regular changes.

You might be experiencing constipation if you:

  • less than 3 poops a week
  • hard, lumpy, or dry poop
  • difficulty or pain while pooping
  • a feeling that the entire stool hasn’t been thrown up yet

Don’t worry just yet; there are steps you can do to get some relief if you believe the poop gods have cursed your bowels.

Here’s how to induce oneself to urinate in the convenience of your house (erm, toilet).

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