7 Reasons We Are Captivated By The Number 7

7 Reasons We Are Captivated By The Number 7

5. It is appropriate for our attention spans.

Seven is also an excellent fit for our attention spans because our brain capacity favors seven items, provided that the information is given in seven groups of three. While bloggers and authors frequently exploit this reality, some appear to do so more so than others. the book 7 Pages to Success: The Ultimate Short-Attention-Span Guide to Unlock Your Full Potential, as an example! is only 7 pages long, which is okay, but it costs $7 (!), so we assume the only actual potential being unlocked is that of the author’s bank account.

6. It is a prime number.

Both mathematicians and non-mathematicians have long regarded prime numbers, which are divisible only by one and themselves, as remarkable. Given that you cannot multiply seven by any other number in the first ten, it is sometimes referred to be the most “prime” number among those (not to be confused with Optimus Prime, who is a Transformer).

Over 4,000 people named the number 7 when mathematician Alex Bellos asked 44,000 people to name their favorite number — far more than any other number. As many magicians are aware, when asked to name a number between one and 10, many individuals will respond with the number seven.

This confluence of cultural, historical, theological, numerological, and psychological elements is what makes the number 7 so alluring and influential in our decisions.

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