Alone On St. Valentine’s Day? 9 Steps To Feel Happy Being Single

Alone On St. Valentine’s Day? 9 Steps To Feel Happy Being Single

6. Find out what’s happening in the singles scene

You may celebrate Valentine’s Day solitary by attending one of the many pubs that host singles events. But don’t go expecting to find love; just go to have a good time and meet some new folks to chat with and drink cocktails with. This isn’t about becoming lonely and falling for someone!

7. Think of the money you’re saving

The extremely sentimental individual could respond “But can love really be valued at all? It is inestimable!” That kind of thinking can make you live a life of excess without considering the necessity of confirming relationships with words and acts rather than with pricey mementos of affection. Diamonds are pricey and not very helpful in terms of relationship advice.

8. Love your exercise

If love has you in its grasp, do some good ol’ fashioned exercise to shake it off like you would the blues. You could find that going for a jog in the park, skating on the ice, or taking a dip in the pool can help you fight your more instinctual impulses.

9. Consider the day after Valentine’s Day

Will all those couples keep teasing one other with sweet nothings, surprise each other with candlelight meals and journeys down memory lane? We can only hope so.

Reality, however, says differently, and whether single or not, we may all develop the bad habit of failing to recognize the important individuals in our lives. Why not use Valentine’s Day a prompt to tell people how much they mean to you during the rest of the year. That will demonstrate to your couples that love is universal.

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