Alone On St. Valentine’s Day? 9 Steps To Feel Happy Being Single

Alone On St. Valentine’s Day? 9 Steps To Feel Happy Being Single

3. Be happy within yourself regardless of your relationship status

Romantic stories sometimes imply that a partner may complete you. Phrases like “my better half,” “I was half the person without you,” and “our two hearts beat as one” are frequently claimed without any thought given to their true meaning. This unhealthy outlook may lead to co-dependence, loss of independence, and losing oneself in another person if it is taken too literally.

That’s not exactly romantic. Do partnerships guarantee eternal happiness? For a sizable portion of the population, divorce statistics and tales of miserable marriages appear to prove the opposite. Keep in mind that being single doesn’t need you to change who you are or give up your freedom or your routine.

Instead of feeling depressed on Valentine’s Day, focus on your accomplishments and qualities, which demonstrate that you are a whole and healthy person who has room for love should it arise but who does not require a romantic connection to foster feelings of pleasure and confidence.

4. Avoid being swept away by the tide

Although patience may need to be your current virtue, you may be a romantic and wish for your “soul mate” someday. There are many Valentine’s Days in a person’s lifetime, just as there are many potential partners you may end up falling in love with.

Being single on Valentine’s Day might be challenging at times because of the overwhelming amount of messages urging you to act quickly or risk missing the relationship. If that were the case, senior love would not be feasible, and that is just not the case. No of a person’s age, relationships often begin at any point in their lives. Love the life you are experiencing right now and stop living for love in the meantime.

  • Keep in mind what might happen to those who hurry into love and marriage before knowing who they are. The relationship may suffer as a result of one partner eventually realizing they need to “find themselves.”
  • No one finds diapers romantic. Never-ending sleepless nights are not romantic. Enjoy this one moment now or for as long as you plan it to last; don’t hurry into anything before you’re totally ready to commit.
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5. Treat yourself

If you find yourself swooning over the box of heart-shaped chocolates while in line to pay for your routine everyday groceries or falling for the doe-eyed plush bear holding a heart while wishing someone would send you one of those soppy cards, reward yourself rather than beating yourself up.

Give in if you really want that lovely bear to sleep on your bed. Or even better, spend a little more money on something you truly want, like a new coffee plunger, a six-pack of European beers, a bottle of perfume, or a current book by one of your favorite authors. Don’t let pain and grief dominate this day. Make love the focus, even while you’re single!

  • Try something opulent, like spending the entire day at a spa or taking a sightseeing flight over your city. If you feel awkward doing this alone, bring some pals.
  • Not too decadent. For now, put your problems aside, but don’t let them get worse. If you know you won’t worry more about how to cut costs because you spent too much on an indulgence like a giant box of specialty chocolates, or how to lose weight quickly because they were too tasty to stop eating, you’ll enjoy yourself more both now and in the future.
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