Don’t Be Afraid of Being Alone. Be Afraid of Being In A Bad Relationship

Don’t Be Afraid of Being Alone. Be Afraid of Being In A Bad Relationship

2. You believe that you deserve nothing better.

Maybe you’re not worried about not being able to find someone better. You can feel undeserving of someone better, for example.

Things that have transpired in a person’s past that have an impact on their outlook, or “in-look,” can lead them to feel as though they are not deserving of better.

Someone feels like they should be in a horrible relationship because of anything in their past. Another way to look at it is that they choose to stay with a bad spouse because of something in their background that makes them terrified of being alone.

This happens frequently. Everyone clings to a memory from their past that makes them feel in some way undeserving. It might take the shape of continuing to be in a toxic relationship for some people.

It might be challenging to break this behavior, but realizing that you need to change is the first step. It could require an outside force to help you see the problems you are facing for this to occur.

Don’t Be Afraid of Being Alone. Be Afraid of Being In A Bad Relationship

3. Your partner can be your sole source of income.

When someone provides you with the majority or all of your financial support, it might be daunting to even consider leaving. The cost of living is high and rising by the minute. Bills are not paid for by good intentions.

Trying to make it on your own when you don’t have any resources, help, or money can be challenging. In fact, it may be really devastating, which is why you would want to remain in a toxic relationship.

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However, this does not imply that you are helpless. It just means you must be willing to put up a little resistance and use your imagination.

There are services available to support those leaving violent situations. Although they won’t provide you the best resources, they will give you enough to leave the relationship and be able to stand alone.

If you’re scared about handling life alone, you may be pleasantly pleased at how well you handle it when you give yourself an opportunity to.

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