How to Improve Your Relationship With a Highly Sensitive Person

How to Improve Your Relationship With a Highly Sensitive Person

2. Respect their personal space and boundaries.

If you’re in a romantic relationship with someone who is very sensitive, you need to find a way to combine being intimate with respecting their privacy.

Sex is unusual for highly sensitive persons because some HSPs are sensitive to physical contact and might take a long time to acclimate to intimacy. So allow them to approach you slowly and at their own speed as a courtesy.

To ease children into physical contact, start with simple shows of love like holding hands and embracing. The onus is on you to back off if you see any hesitancy since they may not feel comfortable asking you to stop. (For HSPs, establishing boundaries might be difficult.)

Depending on their energy levels, certain sensitive persons could experience different feelings at various times. On some days, they could spend hours snuggling in bed while on other days, they might require some alone alone. (Generally, HSPs cherish their alone time, so keep in mind that this is all about them and their needs; it helps them de-stress from all the overstimulation they encounter.)

Thus, respect their limits and personal space. They will respect and value you much more as a result, I assure you. And when they come back, your relationship will be stronger.

3. Focus on the little things and small gestures of love.

A person with great sensitivity takes attention of everything. This implies that they value even the smallest acts of generosity and affection.

Little things that mean a lot to us include giving someone a simple kiss on the forehead, ordering our favorite dessert at the end of a difficult day, and taking a warm bath. These simple actions may make your connection with a highly sensitive individual much better.

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But there’s more! These moments will stick in our minds and make us grin for days and weeks. Only concentrate on the considerate small things that bring us happiness.

4. Never lie to a highly sensitive person — because they’ll know.

When someone asks how you are, you could respond, “I’m OK,” even when you’re not, in an effort to make things seem better. Or when you conceal something to prevent others from becoming concerned about you or hurting themselves.

Such white falsehoods may have good intentions and be effective in normal situations. but not with someone who is really sensitive.

Why? So we’ll be able to tell when you’re lying. HSPs are the greatest at interpreting body language and are able to detect even the smallest changes in emotion, so we’ll be able to tell how you’re really feeling. (We may not ask you directly about it, but we will be aware.)

Hence, refrain from lying, even when it’s in good faith, and simply be truthful. Consider the following to be the first guideline for getting along with someone who is very sensitive: If you’re in a relationship with someone who is very sensitive, be absolutely and entirely honest.

5. Don’t assume things, and avoid labels.

One of the most misunderstood groups of individuals are likely HSPs. Due to the general lack of awareness of high sensitivity, HSPs are often referred to as “too sensitive,” “overly emotional,” or even worse.

Don’t stereotype them or assume the worst; don’t make their trauma worse. Instead, make an effort to comprehend their viewpoint and elicit it via inquiries.

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Try asking, “Why is this hurting you?” rather than, “You’re overreacting.” Instead, “How can I make you feel better?”

Inquire as to how they are feeling and why. Learn the skill of listening rather than making assumptions or calling anything “emotional” or “dramatic.”

You must be attentive to the sentiments of a highly sensitive individual if you want to strengthen your connection with them. If you provide them a place where they may express their feelings without fear of repercussion, your relationship will be solid and enduring.

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