How to Make a Guy Want You Instead

How to Make a Guy Want You Instead

So, you fancy a guy but are unsure of how to capture his interest and hook him. But don’t worry; these are some tips on how to entice a man.
Truthfully, it’s a good thing that not all of us resemble Angelina Jolie because else, life would be just too simple. Where is the pursuit? Strategic planning is lacking.

How to make a guy want you

Don’t lie, I know you’re keeping track of his every move. There are a few things you may do to assist draw a guy’s attention in the proper direction—that is, in YOUR direction—if you’ve been watching him and desire him. It’s time to try a new approach, so read about these 15 techniques to make a guy want you.


This is significant and most likely the most crucial element in understanding how to make a guy like you. You must exude self-assurance and demonstrate your affection for yourself.

Men’s mouths drop for a reason when they see a lady striding down the street with confidence; she exudes sex appeal. She is attractive as heck because she doesn’t require them. You have to believe that you don’t need the person if you desire him.

Body language is key. 

Ever notice a couple enjoying a drink at the bar? Their feet are pointed in the opposite directions, and they are facing each other while bending forward.

You may convey your sentiments to him through your body language before you ever speak, and then you can watch to see whether he mirrors them back. You’d be astonished at how it works, even though I realize it sounds a little strange.

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