Love Or Limerence? 11 Signs You’re In A Fantasy Relationship

Love Or Limerence? 11 Signs You’re In A Fantasy Relationship

Limerence: An Example

Graham and Lauren connected at a friend’s dinner party. As soon as she entered the room, their eyes met. Graham, the enduring con artist, moved across the room to offer her one of his standard icebreakers. Before long, they were talking and laughing for hours.

Lauren wasn’t planning to remain for as long, despite the fact that she was enjoying herself with Graham. She extended her hand to Graham to say goodbye after informing him that she would need to wake up early the next morning. But just as she turned to go, Graham drew up, kissed her on the cheek, and demanded her phone number.

Lauren hesitated before deciding to take a gamble and reveal her phone number. Although she had recently broken up and wasn’t searching for a new relationship, she reasoned that their talk was sufficient to merit a call or a coffee date.

Although she didn’t know Graham all that well, she had faith that Mary, a friend of theirs, wouldn’t be friends with a psychopath. Aside from the fact that she had a pleasant talk with a lovely man, she didn’t think much of the party as she departed.

Graham, on the other hand, saw the same situation totally differently. Lauren had made a big effect on him. She was everything he had ever looked for in a woman: stunningly attractive, perceptive, and humorous. Lauren was unlike any other woman he had dated; normally, he could captivate women very effortlessly.

She appeared to be a little more restrained, but she was still honest and genuine. She forced him to give up the “charming” act, and he realized that with her, more than with anybody else, he was being himself. He had cherished every moment they shared, thinking back on every phrase he had spoken, every time he had made her laugh, and the way her adorable smile made her nose wrinkle. He made up his mind to contact her right away and invite her out to supper.

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He was disappointed when his initial call to her went straight to voicemail. After many failed attempts, he texted her to see if she was free to visit his favorite eatery this week. He was impatiently awaiting her reaction. Finally, Lauren told him that she could see him the next day somewhere around midnight.

They enjoyed a passionate kiss under the full moon after a romantic meal by candlelight and another engrossing talk. Graham didn’t mind that Lauren occasionally came out as distant or even standoffish since he liked how mysterious she was. He had finally found the woman of his dreams, and Graham couldn’t believe his good fortune.

The only issue was that the woman of his dreams didn’t reply to his texts as regularly as he would have wanted. In addition to sharing images from his day and asking how she was doing, Graham also enjoyed the same clever banter that had initially captured his attention. Although they enjoyed a handful of more romantic outings, Lauren seemed to become more and more distant as time went on.

She eventually stopped responding to all of his texts. Graham had a severe depression and continued daydreaming about each occasion they had shared. He repeatedly read her texts with a nervous sense of devotion while fantasizing about every kiss they shared.

He spent the following several days picturing situations where he would run across Lauren despite the fact that they had very nothing in common. He simply felt she was his soulmate. He may ‘accidentally’ cross paths with her at the gym where she attended yoga sessions. He might be able to protect her from a scary guy at the pub close to her home. He even started dreaming of saving her from peril and getting her to declare her enduring love for him.

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