Love Or Limerence? 11 Signs You’re In A Fantasy Relationship

Love Or Limerence? 11 Signs You’re In A Fantasy Relationship

11 Signs of Limerence

If you engage in any of the following actions, you may be experiencing limerence:

  1. Despite the fact that your relationship is nonexistent, frail, or just beginning, you frequently daydream about what it may be like in the future.
  2. You become engrossed in intricate imaginations about his person, ranging from the conventional to the peculiar. Your dreams frequently have a “heroic” element in which you even see rescuing your sweetheart from perilous circumstances.
  3. Whenever you are around them or come into contact with them in any manner, you have bodily discomfort. When you’re waiting for their call, text, or are almost ready to meet with them, you get very apprehensive. When you’re ready to call them, you can experience severe heart palpitations, and you might stutter when you’re in their company. When you’re near them, you could have intense episodes of dizziness or the feeling of about to pass out.
  4. You create or anticipate circumstances that will allow you to “accidentally” run into or speak with this individual. You organize your day so that you can spend time with them, whether it is hanging out in their general area or at their preferred coffee shop. You should exercise extreme caution if you are having this experience because it can range from charming to frightening and stalker-like.
  5. You elevate them to a pedestal and idealize them. Every action they take, from the embarrassing to the endearing, is noted in your memory as proof that they are a perfect, lovable person. You would excuse their terrible conduct and unpleasant traits even if they were the worst person ever.
  6. You pay too much attention to everything they do, including who they are talking to, how their day is going, what they need, and how they react to you (or lack thereof). They often dominate your day and your relationships with them.
  7. You have a strong and unique bond with them, almost like a magnetic pull. Despite the fact that you hardly know one other, you think they are your soulmate.
  8. Even in the absence of a relationship, jealousy might still persist. Even if the rivalry is hypothetical, you experience irrational jealousy of possible love suitors or rivals for your ideal partner. Additionally, even if there is no real, concrete commitment, you are unable to dream about or date anybody else because you feel “tied” to them.
  9. You fall into a profound despair and come to feel hopeless when the individual distances themselves from you. When you’re around this individual, you go through mood swings that range from ecstatic highs to intolerable lows when you feel rejected or neglected. It’s almost like you’re going through a drug detox.
  10. You examine their words and deeds extremely closely, reliving every instance to search for signs that they feel the same way about you.
  11. You believe that you cannot survive without them. You feel an enormous and intolerable need for their love, adoration, and acceptance.
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How Long Does Limerence Last?

Depending on whether or not sentiments are shared, Tennov predicted that limerence might persist anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Limerence, in contrast to love in a long-term relationship, can be transient, one-sided, and short-lived.

It may be based on a small number of contacts or develop from a connection. It can take place in the early stages of a new relationship, following a breakup, or before committing. The retreat of the object of their affections may actually empower those who are experiencing it rather than lessen it.

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