Red Carrot VS Orange Carrot – Which Is Better?

One of the world’s healthiest veggies is the carrot. They are readily accessible all over the world and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Red Carrot VS Orange Carrot – Which Is Better?

According to historians, carrots have been cultivated and consumed since the 1500s. Carrots were first grown in the purple, white, and yellow colors. The red and orange variations developed considerably later.

Regardless of hue, there is sufficient data to demonstrate that carrots are a superfood with several health advantages. Each type of this food, which is high in antioxidants, gives us extra amounts of vitamins.

Carrots of every color—from deep red to orange to purplish black—are lining the aisles of the marketplaces. Only a few regions of North India may be found to grow purple carrots, also known as Kali Gajar. The additional antioxidant pigments in these carrots, which may prevent illnesses like arthritis and numerous heart ailments, give them their distinctive color.

The entire nation loves the orange and red carrots, also known as Desi Gajar. So what makes the two different from one another? Is the nutritional profile also much different, or is it only the color?

Red VS Orange Carrots – What’s the Difference?

Dr. Anju Sood, a nutritionist based in Bangalore, claims, “The carrots with the orange color are hybrids. They’ve been genetically modified. While the red ones are the non-hybrid original kind, they are more often grown in Asia. As a result, red carrots are more nutrient-dense. Because it contains more beta carotene, it has a crimson tint “.

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