The Health Effects Of E-Cigarettes

The Health Effects Of E-Cigarettes

Are E-Cigarettes Safer Than Regular Cigarettes?

According to Dr. Kohli, using an e-cigarette is no safer than using a regular cigarette. “We’re still discovering about the effects that heating e-liquid has on general health. Additionally, the vaping vapor that you breathe in and out might harm the health of your friends, family, and other loved ones, the author says.

The last word? If you smoke cigarettes of any kind, you are endangering your health, claims Dr. Kohli.

There are more effective methods available if you’re attempting to stop smoking than e-cigarettes. Working collaboratively with your doctor to create a smoking cessation plan is a fantastic choice, advises Dr. Kohli.

How to Talk to Kids About E-Cigarettes

Before speaking with your children, Dr. Krol advises that you first educate yourself on e-cigarettes and their risks. The societal pressures that kids may experience are also crucial to take into account—many parents likely experienced such demands when they were younger.

Dr. Kohli advises starting the discussion about cigarettes and e-cigarettes early on and pointing out the reasons why smoking is a bad habit. According to Dr. Krol, it’s essential to remain composed, impartial, up forward, and truthful. If you can, try to answer their queries, or if they’re willing, try to find the solutions together.

Encourage your children to have an open dialogue with you after your first discussion about smoking, and pay attention to what they say when they share their challenges and experiences.

“Ask them about it, and be prepared to learn that they may have used e-cigarettes before. If they admit it, be grateful for their honesty and direct any resentment or anger at the e-cigarette manufacturers rather than your kid, advises Dr. Krol. Then, express your worries about their health and how e-cigarettes may influence the things they value, such as their general well-being, their capacity for athletic activity, their ability to save money, etc.

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According to Dr. Krol, if your kid is already addicted to vaping, you may support them in quitting by getting in touch with their physician or other reliable sources. Last but not least, strive to set an example by abstaining from smoking and using e-cigarettes, as well as by keeping your house a smoke-free zone.

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