What Your Texting Style Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Texting Style Reveals About Your Personality

6. The LOL Texter

Every sentence you type must be punctuated with a “haha” or a “lol,” you can’t help it.

You add these short sentences onto each message because you can never be sure how the recipient will interpret what you wrote. You believe these terms are necessary because you detest fighting and never want to come out as impolite.

You’ve always tried to satisfy others, so that’s who you are. It’s great that your life’s purpose is to always make everyone around you happy. Just remember that being frank and honest with others is okay. Simply express your true feelings to others instead of hiding behind “haha” and “lol” phrases.

7. The Could-Use-Autocorrect Texter

Despite your best efforts, you almost always manage to misspell a few words in your chats, to the point where your friends start to complain. You make these errors primarily because you are simply too busy to proofread your writing before sending it. You’re a busy bee who often has too much on your plate.

You should calm down and pay close attention to whatever you’re working on, as evidenced by your texting errors. Busy is fine, but be sure to make time for the things that are important to you in life and yourself.

8. The Double-Trouble Texter

Even if they haven’t texted you back in a few hours, you are not scared to double or triple text them. You are not embarrassed to trouble the opponent again to get the answer.You are brave and assertive and pursue your goals.

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Your assertiveness is what others appreciate most about you. It’s fantastic that you’re not afraid to take control of your life. Although most people like your aggressiveness and determination, it occasionally comes out as impatience. Remember that sometimes the best things in life need patience!

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