How To Deal With A Crush On A Married Man

How To Deal With A Crush On A Married Man

What should I do if I have a crush on a married man? You would not be asking this if you didn’t realize that this crush is inappropriate.

Being in love with someone is very natural. After all, establishing a family involves developing romantic interests in other people. It becomes a little more challenging, though, if you wind yourself crushing on a married man.

You probably believe that maintaining good relations with a married man while maintaining your personal space is harmless. What transpires, though, if you’re unable to restrain your emotions? What if a casual crush developed into something more, something that may perhaps lead to the dissolution of a marriage?


How To Deal With A Crush On A Married Man

An uncontrolled urge to be with someone you find physically or emotionally alluring is known as a crush. Since practically everyone has had a crush on someone, it would be a sad life indeed if you never came across someone you thought was exceptionally lovely and very unique.

Crushes don’t frequently result in romantic relationships, despite the fact that it is a typical initial step. Crushes are particularly infamous for being fleeting and are frequently directed at persons who are out of reach, like celebrities. Particularly among young individuals who are still learning about romantic relationships, this is widespread. Although their crush is extremely real and very powerful, it will ultimately fade and materialize if it is not reciprocated.


Whether someone is accessible or not, having a crush on them is very acceptable. It’s natural to playfully flirt and play games during fundamental human interactions, and it feels fantastic to have these qualities. Our brains experience a physical and physiological reaction that makes us joyful.

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You can receive unfavorable feedback if you seek guidance on a subject like this sometimes. Anyone who is in or has been in a relationship will view you as a danger. Almost everyone will choose the right thing to do, regardless of the situation. Nevertheless, despite what others may say, you are not a nasty person.

You can’t genuinely deny having a crush; you simply have to wait it out when it happens. You can’t help but like people. But whether or not you are a decent person will depend on how you respond to your feelings, which is something you can control.


The majority of individuals are aware that they are on a downward slope, despite the fact that almost all cheaters will say the affair “simply happened.” Some of them just choose to pick up a sled. Others, however, decide to take a step back after realizing that their friendship with a married person may not have been as sincere as they had thought.

But once a crush develops, losing control becomes simpler. Despite your best efforts, you occasionally nevertheless fall in love with someone you shouldn’t. Here is what to do in the situation.

1. Think first

How To Deal With A Crush On A Married Man

This man is married. Consider how you would feel if your spouse was the object of a crush and you were married.

Don’t be that girl who disregards her connections with others or her own self-respect. You’ll harm others in addition to yourself. There are countless single men, and if one of them started showing interest in you while having an affair with his wife, what sort of catch would he be? What type of person do you become when you allow yourself to be duped by falsehoods and misinformation?

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2. Kill any hope

Your crush leaving their marriage to ride off into the sunset with you in your dreams is like a cockroach. Once you start thinking about them, it’s quite difficult to stop, and even a modest fantasy may quickly turn into an unending string of more unlikely what-ifs.

Additionally, such dreams are about as beneficial to your mental well-being as a cockroach infestation is to your physical wellbeing. Accept that your sweetheart is already dating someone.

How To Deal With A Crush On A Married Man

He is unable to date you, and if he has any integrity at all, he will not date you. Even if he has mentioned leaving his partner, either directly for you or just generally, you won’t find happiness as long as he is still sporting someone else’s engagement ring.

If you two are intended to be together in any way, he will locate you once he has finalized his divorce and moved on from his ex. But don’t hang around expecting it will happen. Remove all possibility of a connection with this individual and find someone who can truly love you.

3. Beware of your fantasies

Fantasy may appear innocuous, but if you return to it again, it may become strong and seductive.

How To Deal With A Crush On A Married Man

Fantasy does not equal reality. It’s a vacation from reality if you imagine your crush sweeping you off your feet and into a bed of roses. Real life can never equal your fondest fantasies of what you and your crush may experience together.

Most women would probably respond, “Never!” if you asked them whether they’d sex with a married man. However, affairs continue to occur often. Women probably believed they would never fall into bed with a married man, so how do they wind up doing it? Fantasy has a lot of power, and it might start to excuse people’s behavior.

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Make a personal rule not to daydream about your married crush in an effort to manage your fantasy life. You can manage your attraction and lower your risk of acting on your feelings only by doing this.

4. Try to switch to something/someone else

How To Deal With A Crush On A Married Man

Why not try putting that time and energy toward a different hobby if you are spending so much time and effort thinking about someone you can’t be with? This may entail taking up a brand-new pastime, beginning a brand-new workout regimen, making new acquaintances, or even going out with the goal of meeting someone new.

People around you will see you beaming from the inside out while you’re experiencing the exhilaration of having a crush, which makes you look your most gorgeous. Look around to see if anyone else is around and available.

Can you spice up your relationship if you’re already in one with someone? Crushes are all about imagining an ideal world; you must return to the present and begin considering how to make your current environment more perfect.

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