15 Important Things To Discuss Before Getting Married

15 Important Things To Discuss Before Getting Married

4. Religion.

How important is it for your partner to share your religious beliefs and practice them alongside you if you follow a certain religion or have a particular faith? What impact does your faith or religion have on your way of life?

What religion, if any, do you want to raise your children in if you intend to have children?

5. Politics.

The most crucial conversation you have with your future spouse before getting married may be about politics.

A difference in moral principles and ideals is the foundation of the political split. No matter which side of the political spectrum you lean toward, relationships with those on the opposing side often result in arguments, fights, hostility, and friction.

Although it’s true that “opposites attract,” real happiness and contentment only come from sharing the same beliefs, fighting for the same causes, and enjoying the same activities. The influence of camaraderie is extremely strong in politics.

6. Dream home.

Do you wish to live in the suburbs in a McMansion? A comfy apartment in the sky? A bungalow by the sea? A lodge in the forest? A bonkers treehouse? Utah ranches?

Even if you don’t end up in your ideal home, knowing whether you and your spouse have similar long-term objectives will make you both feel more secure in your positions as each other’s partners and confirm that you both have the same ambitions.

7. Bank accounts and bill-sharing.

Will there be a joint bank account? Maintain separate accounts? Both? And which accounts will pay which bills?

Will you each contribute a predetermined amount of your income to the joint expenses? Have you established an emergency fund? What if one of the parents decides to stay at home with the children or loses their job? How do you intend to pay for that?

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8. Division of household labor.

Laundry, dishes, and so forth. So that you aren’t forced to perform the thing you detest doing all the time, barter, negotiate, and beg if necessary.

If you absolutely detest doing the dishes but enjoy cooking, suggest to your partner that you take charge of meal preparation in exchange for them doing the dishes.

This works best if you and your partner have different intense dislikes for the same issue. If it is, use your best negotiating strategies to come to a settlement. “All right, if you’d wash the dishes, I’ll empty the litter box and do the clothes.”

9. Sex.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life only having one partner for bed? Can you have both happiness and satisfaction?

If not, you should talk about the prospect of an open union, methods for maintaining the romance, or delaying marriage until the concept of monogamy isn’t a death knell for you.

10. Hard or soft.

15 Important Things To Discuss Before Getting Married

Your bedframe! A comfy mattress is essential for a restful night’s sleep because you will (ideally) be sharing this bed with this person for a very, very long time. If you spend too many nights awake, your relationship will suffer.

How will you come to an agreement if you and your partner have different opinions on what makes a comfy mattress?

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