15 Types Of Social Media Friends (Which One Are You?)

15 Types Of Social Media Friends (Which One Are You?)

7. The Players

Well! These guys treat every social media account like Tinder, and they view everyone as a potential match. Therefore, you had better exercise caution if you wanted to think of them as friends.

8. The Positives

They enjoy the pictures every time. They publish memes and gifs. Of course, they publish pictures of cats. They have adorable little flowers on their pages, and every comment has an animated cheerful face. Even if you realize it’s foolish, you can’t help but keep them in your circle of “friends.” just due to their cuteness.

9. The Commentators

Like an excellent anti-virus, it seems like they check your page every thirty seconds. It appears as though they are quite idle. Wow, how do they manage that? A post that is only three seconds old already has six likes and three comments.

Yes, that’s nice. These are definitely the best friends you could ever have for your self-esteem because they’re the only ones who can make you feel like the world cares what you think of Renee Zellweger’s new appearance.

10. Heavy Burden

These guys are constantly at war with the outside world. And you must, in their eyes, join one of the parties. Those who didn’t select a party are enemies for life.

A gullible person will attempt to act disconnected from the Internet, computers, power, telephones, gas, water, and sewer system when such a fella is experiencing a seasonal exacerbation. Additionally, there was absolutely no chance of using the internet. But this obviously won’t help.

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A friend with a great memory is a hefty weight. He will slyly inquire, “Are you for the whites or for the blacks?” even after a month. Additionally, after being assured of unwavering support, he will want to see “the white” and inform him that he is a poop.

11. The Bots

In actuality, they are living creatures. However, it appears that they were born in the year of the bot, and as we all know, stars can be fickle. Terabytes of copy-and-paste, links, and tests make up their entire feed.

Friends like these truly believe they are bringing you intriguing things. Naturally, they are unaware that you haven’t seen them on your feed in five years.

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