15 Types Of Social Media Friends (Which One Are You?)

15 Types Of Social Media Friends (Which One Are You?)

12. The Love Servants

These are typically foreigners, albeit not always. “You are the Moon in the sky and the Sun in my soul; thank your parents for such a charmingly created being; I am 40 years old; I am a rich businessman; and I am very single, hello.” Every girl who dares to open a profile on social networks is immediately rushed by crowds of servants of love filling the poor girl with electronic roses, heart-shaped emojis, and compliments like these.

Persuasion is ineffective. The time it takes to press the “block” button is all that is necessary to deal with these folks.

13. The Social Butterflies

This type of social media user never ceases to demonstrate how tiny the world is by appearing in photos with seemingly everyone you’ve ever met. To find out how well-liked they are, simply visit their social media pages!

14. The Stoned Idiot

Typically, you only have one of these buddies because you can’t handle any more, but he is the best. He produces sh*t. enormous, exquisite, and timeless. Seriously making, which is actually pretty amusing.

Once upon a time, you attempted to refute his arguments by demonstrating that garbage is garbage and not, for example, a point of view. You no longer debate with him. You simply wait for a written document that is particularly subpar and mumble under cover of silence, “You’re a stoned moron, certainly.” It does occur, doesn’t it?

The support group runs to the moron in the comments, sits there for three days and three nights till he attempts suicide, and you read the 92434 comments for a second time with delight. The fans agree with the thesis right away.

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That’s the type of such a helpful friend.

15. The Friends

Just friends. We are familiar with individuals of this class in real life. W hom we actually have a friendship with. And with whom it is quite simple to keep quiet, even online.

These are the individuals who have genuinely grasped social media and utilize it in accordance with its intended function. They connect with one another and form friendships using virtual networks. They converse with others, share stories, and just be themselves. That’s pretty cool, huh?

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