15 Types Of Social Media Friends (Which One Are You?)

15 Types Of Social Media Friends (Which One Are You?)

3. The Aunties/Surveillance Cameras

Both men and women can be these aunts. stalkers who are young or elderly. They continue to function as security cameras on your social media.

They will read all of your postings without commenting on any of them, starting with reading your stories. However, don’t be upset because they will undoubtedly talk negatively about them somewhere.

4. Support Group

There may be some pretty terrible folks among them. On the Internet, they can say things that you would feel embarrassed to say. They might not look good in photographs. Some of them may have even served time in a prison. They rush into combat whenever someone offends you or disagrees with you, therefore none of it matters.

All you have to do is provide a link and exclaim “Bite!” The adversary will be battered into pixels and covered in a thick coating of products from the network metabolism. Cause why ever do that?

5. Hidden Enemies

We practice our willpower on the particular buddies of this type. They disagree with us in some important or fundamental ways. Every article they publish and every remark they make sharpens the knife.

However, it would be unfair to block them solely for holding a different opinion. We grit our teeth and put up with them because Zuckerberg never gives anyone more than they can handle.

6. The Copycats

They use social media to follow celebrities and get motivation from them. At home, they imitate Sonam and Deepika’s fashion, and they flaunt cookbooks and recipes much like their other friends. They simply do not enjoy missing out on trends!

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