20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine

11. Transport System

20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine
Ukrainian trams

Public transit is well developed in Ukraine. Every major city and regional hub is connected to the railway network, and they all regularly receive passenger trains from other significant cities. Additionally, many cities offer inexpensive and effective bus and tram services that start at around 8UAH (0.3$). In Ukraine, public transportation, service buses, and taxis — which run approximately 7UAH per km — make it simple to get to airports. You can also take an express train from the railroad station to get to Kyiv Boryspil Airport.

12. World’s Largest Sunflower Seed Producer

20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine
Sunflower field

Russia and Ukraine are the two countries that generate the most sunflower seeds globally, respectively. Sunflower seeds are the tenth most produced crop in the world, with the majority coming from South Dakota and North Dakota. The overall area of sunflower farms in Ukraine is thought to be large enough to encircle Slovenia entirely.

13. Invented the Gas Lamp

20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine
Monument to the inventors of the gas lamp in Lviv

One of these ground-breaking inventions was the gas light, created in 1853 by two pharmacists from Lviv, Jan Zeh and Ignacy Ukasiewicz. A cafe named Gasova L’ampa is located in the same building as the pharmacy where the drug was first created by a local pharmacist. The store was called At the Golden Star.

14. The “Breadbasket Of Europe

20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine

Ukraine was the ideal location for growing wheat and other food crops due to its enormous expanses of arable land and fertile black soil. It earned the moniker “Breadbasket of Europe” as a result. Ukraine is still one of the world’s major producers of wheat today.

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15. Heaviest Aircraft Ever

20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine
The An-225 or Mriya Plane

The An-225, with a maximum takeoff weight of 710 tons, is the biggest airplane ever constructed. It has the highest airlifted total payload (559,580 pounds) and single-item payload (418,830 pounds) records. While it was still a part of the Soviet Union, Kiev, Ukraine, produced the Antonov An-225 Mriya. Additionally, it boasts the broadest wingspan of any flying machine.

The Antonov An-225 Mriya was an enormous aircraft that held several records, including being the heaviest aircraft ever built and having the greatest wingspan of any operating aircraft. Due to its size and distinctiveness, the An-225 drew a great deal of public curiosity and has since managed to develop a following on a global scale. To view the scheduled arrivals and departures, people regularly visited airports.

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