20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine

16. Ukrainian Cuisine

20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine
Ukrainian Borsch

Chicken, pig, beef, eggs, fish, and mushrooms are all part of the typical Ukrainian cuisine. In addition, potatoes, cereals, and both fresh and pickled vegetables are frequently consumed by Ukrainians. The cuisine of Ukraine is incredibly diverse and fascinating, with several ethnic minorities and a long history of multiculturalism bringing a wide variety of cuisines to the table.

Varenyky (cooked dumplings with mushrooms, potatoes, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, or cherries) and holubtsi are nevertheless well-known traditional meals (stuffed cabbage rolls filled with rice, carrots, and meat). Borscht is the most well-known dish from Ukraine. While many Russians asserted that it originated in their native country, many Ukrainians fervently hold that they invented this meal. Beetroot, cabbage, and potato are the main ingredients in the soup; authentic borscht also includes meat, most frequently pork.

Lviv beer, horilka (vodka) with pepper, medovukha — horilka with honey, Zakarpattya wine, and Lviv coffee are popular beverages in Ukraine. Desserts made by Ukrainians are delicious and include cheesecake (syrnyk), poppycake (makivnyk), honeycake (medivnyk), and many more.

17. Chicken Kyiv is not from Kyiv

20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine
Chicken Kyiv

Contrary to widespread opinion, the mouthwatering delicacy of stuffed chicken breast is not a Kyiv specialty. In reality, there are several theories as to where it came from. Some people think it originated in the Russian Empire, but others claim it was actually created in France and imported into Russian culture as “Côtelettes de volaille.” In the 20th century, eateries in New York changed its name to Chicken Kyiv in an effort to please their Russian customers. Though neither Chicken France nor Chicken New York sound quite the same.

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18. Chornobyl

20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine
The consequences of the Chernobyl disaster

One of the worst disasters of the 20th century was centered in Ukraine. When the Chornobyl nuclear power station detonated in 1986, a once-vibrant Ukrainian village was entirely obliterated. The aftermath of the explosion was felt all around, and it has lately been depicted in the HBO series of the same name, but in a brutally honest manner.

Returning to Chornobyl has been conceivable recently. You may see the devastation left by this catastrophe here and learn about a new challenge that Ukraine has managed to conquer as a nation.

19. Young Country

20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine
Independence Day in Ukraine

In addition to having a complicated past, Ukraine is also one of the youngest nations in the world. The nation didn’t actually become independent until 1991. Such an accomplishment gave many young Ukrainians faith that their nation would soon prosper on its own.

The years that followed this independence were nevertheless challenging because Russia never stopped showing its muscles. But Ukrainians are fiercely patriotic, proud, and unquestionably resilient as a result of their long history. There is a lot of hope and opportunity for the nation that is just older than most millennials because to the expanding agricultural and IT sectors.

20. Ukrainian Festivals

20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine
New Year celebrations in traditional style

In Ukraine, there are a wide variety of festivals and fairs. In the genres of rock, pop, jazz, folk, electro, and drum and bass, Ukrainian musicians are thriving. Festivals like Dubno-fest and Leopolis Jazz Fest in Lviv are quite well-liked as a result. Additionally, Atlas Weekend event, which this year attracted over 500,000 visitors and featured contemporary modern popular music, is one of Europe’s largest festivals.

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Traditional and ethnic festivals, meanwhile, offer a window into everyday Ukrainian festivities. But many are anything but typical. Among them are the Malanka Festival in Bukovina, the Land of Dreams Festival in Lviv, the Sorochinsky Fair, the Tustan Medieval Festival, and the Tustan Renaissance Festival.

20 Amazing Facts About Ukraine
Ivana Kupala Day

Ivana Kupala Day, observed on June 23rd, is among the most enjoyable annual festivals in Ukraine. In a purifying ceremony, boys and girls hold hands in pairs and jump over a fire. According to the locals, a couple’s love is destined to last a lifetime if they can escape a fire without losing sight of one another.

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