8 Signs Of An Unloved Child

What is Inside the Mind of an Unloved Child

8 Signs Of An Unloved Child

The majority of neglected kids mistakenly believe that their own behaviors—maladaptive or not—just reflect their individual personalities or character.

They most certainly assimilated the comments made against them by their parents and other family members as concrete realities about who they are and were.

Attachment theory refers to these as “mental models,” and until we can clearly see them, they will continue to influence how we act and react years into adulthood. These unconscious assumptions we make about how the world functions and how people behave when we are young animate our adult behaviors without our realizing they are rooted in the past.

They think:

  • That he or she’s to blame for their parent’s treatment of them.
  • That they can fix the relationship — with their parent or anyone else.
  • That their essential character is set in stone.
  • That their feelings are illegitimate (and not to be trusted).
  • That the peace is always worth keeping.
  • That it’s normal for people to act hurtfully or use hurtful words.
  • That independence and interdependence are mutually exclusive.
  • That boundaries are like walls.
  • That someone always has to be in control.
  • That people aren’t to be trusted.
  • That love is a transaction.
  • That he or she can’t be healed.

What do We Need to Understand?

We need affection, embraces, and contact as humans. especially when we are developing. A youngster may come to feel unwanted if they only get negative feedback and no love.

It is crucial for parents to realize that regardless of whether the kid was intended or whether you were unprepared for it, the child needs to feel loved and accepted. A child’s desire for emotional love is equally as fundamental as their need for food or sleep.

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Children who don’t experience love and affection as they grow up will never learn to love or even understand what love is like. Since they have never had love, they frequently struggle to understand what love is and how it feels.

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