Why Are So Many Smart And Attractive Women Still Rolling Solo?

Have you ever questioned why there are so many intelligent, self-assured, and gorgeous single women?

Why Are So Many Smart And Attractive Women Still Rolling Solo?

You probably know at least one or two stunning and gorgeous single women. You’ve definitely questioned them about their single status and lack of urgency to start a family at least once. Although they may make light of the subject, the problem’s origins run much deeper.

More and more attractive and intelligent women want to live alone without a partner. They basically have all the qualities that men find attractive in women: intelligence, humor, beauty, etc. These stunning women appear to be able to choose any male they like. Yet they remain unmarried.

You might be shocked to learn that this is such a common occurrence, though. It may equally well be a pandemic.

What, then, is the precise rationale for this trend? Let’s investigate.

Why Smart and Attractive Women Stay Single

1. Women today are self-sufficient.

Women have been battling for their rights, and they are revolutionizing society. Women are becoming autonomous and obtaining positions that are equal to or better than those held by men.

They no longer need to request the assistance of men for physical labor because they can just call a service and pay a fee. And occasionally, it is quicker than waiting for your husband to resolve a situation.

2. They don’t want to settle.

In our culture, being single is seen as some sort of undesirable condition. You’re miserable if you’re single. Because they don’t want to be alone, a lot of people “settle” for partners that aren’t actually compatible with them. But these women don’t mind being by themselves.

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They would rather prefer to be patient and wait for the proper man to come along. To them, being trapped with someone who doesn’t feel right is preferable to being single. Being single presents a wealth of development chances for these ladies.

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