Surprising Study Shows Half Of Singles Don’t Even Want to Go On A Date

If you’re single, why don’t you feel like going out on a date? That kind of thought is shared by many people.

Surprising Study Shows Half Of Singles Don’t Even Want to Go On A Date

Once upon a time, being single meant constantly searching for that one particular person. Every weekend, people planned dates in the hopes that someone would make them fall in love. It was normal—possibly even expected—that a single individual would seek a dating partner.

Those times may have passed. People are finding it less vital to have a partner as more and more of them feel enlightened and inspired to accomplish great things in life.

Now being single is just as socially acceptable as being in a relationship. Being unmarried for a long time is no longer even a consideration. It appears that Cupid might soon be unemployed.

A recent study offered some light on the reasons why so many people continue to lead single lives. Recent societal trends and technological advancements appear to be making dating more difficult. As a result, single people are refusing to go on any dates.

The Study Done by Pew Research Center

The research was carried out in October 2019 by Pew Research Center. The survey has 4,860 individuals from all throughout the United States who were chosen at random.

The poll was done online, although participants were chosen by phone and mail. Based on factors like age, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, and political party, participants were chosen from a variety of backgrounds.

The survey asked participants a number of questions regarding dating, the difficulties of dating, and their dating preferences. Some of the outcomes were what was anticipated, while others were completely unexpected. Over the past few decades, the dating scene has undergone a significant evolution.

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Surprising Study Shows Half Of Singles Don’t Even Want to Go On A Date

Factors That Make Dating Harder These Days

About half of the participants said dating has been more difficult over the past ten years. Both men and women reported that it was harder than them, however more women did so. Online dating has grown so common because it lessens some of the burden associated with attempting to find dates.

The #MeToo movement is one of the main causes contributing to today’s dating difficulties. According to the report, almost 65 percent of males are unsure about how to act when out on dates with women in the #MeToo era.

Men have no idea what to do or how to go about doing it because women differ so much in what is considered acceptable.

Finding someone who wants the same kind of relationship as you is another challenge in dating. More than 50% of participants said that this factor is a concern. People have varied ways of defining relationships and going about starting one.

Trying to date someone who doesn’t seem interested in developing a relationship further might be stressful. To avoid wasting anyone’s time, it is crucial to discuss the direction of the relationship early on.

It’s unfortunate that many prospective relationships terminate there, forcing you to restart the dating process.

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