Courage Is Not The Absence Of Fear

The Courage in the Face of Fear

When asked about his remark that “courage is not the absence of fear,” Franklin Roosevelt said that “courage does not entail feeling any fear.” He clarified that what it really meant was making the decision to face your worries in favor of something more important.

If individuals lacked bravery, revolutions in the past had never been able to occur. They were terrified that they may be decapitated, and as a result, many died. But in the end, bravery won out over fear.

Franklin Roosevelt, a remarkable leader, exemplified these principles. During his time as the United States’ Commander in Chief, they underwent significant alteration. He was a brave man who showed incredible fortitude amid one of humanity’s biggest fears, World War II.

He was able to create the New Deal and fundamentally alter American policy at a time when war threats were growing every day. Additionally, he served as the commander of one of the largest military operations in recorded history.

Courage Is Not The Absence Of Fear

His behavior did not indicate that he was fearless. He feared the repercussions, genocide, and generalized panic. But he made the decision to be courageous and believed that such actions were more significant than feeling afraid. He contracted polio at the same time, but he decided to keep going.

This is bravery. that tenacity to press on despite fear. the guts and bravery to act honorably. the determination to act, as only then could justice be served.

Assessment and Judgement that Something Else is More Important

When you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a situation and determine that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, you make the decision to proceed. You make a courageous step thanks to your evaluation and determination that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

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You might find solace in the knowledge that everyone experiences dread if certain phobias are preventing you from moving forward. But those who have mastered hiding their concerns and taking chances are the achievers.

Another quote from Franklin Roosevelt is “A calm sea never created a great sailor.” Similar to the last saying, this one exhorts you to confront your worries and difficulties head-on since victory is certain on the other side. Do not let little setbacks defeat you.

In daily life, we encounter worries as well. We decide to act courageously in order to face our worries and get greater outcomes. You are not being courageous if you are a victim of injustice at work and you are afraid of losing your job if you speak out.

Courage Is Not The Absence Of Fear

When you choose to speak out against the injustice, you display bravery. You can lose your job as a result, or you might get promoted and get more notoriety inside the organization. You must face your anxieties and take the necessary action.

You don’t necessarily have to deal with difficult issues in life every day. Some people exhibit bravery in modest, everyday situations, facing their concerns head-on and succeeding thanks to their self-assurance. Even though you could be the only woman in the room, you have the guts to voice your ideas.

Also crucial are evaluation and assessment of the source of the anxiety. You should evaluate the source of your anxiety. You need to make sensible decisions if the results are much more perilous than winning.

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