Courage Is Not The Absence Of Fear

10 Times You Show Immense Courage in Fearful Circumstances

There are times in your life when you repeatedly choose bravery over fear without even recognizing it. Here are some examples from your daily life where you overcame fear with bravery.

Personal Life

  1. When you make the decision to end an abusive relationship, you exhibit courage. The result might be that you never find a companion again and are forced to spend the rest of your life alone. The results might be that your partner continues to stalk or threaten you. However, you exhibit bravery by leaving to live a dignified life.
  2. Even when you bravely choose to wed someone, you still experience dread. However, you resolve to face your worries collectively. A coward would prefer not get married because they fear it would not work out.
  3. You are fearless even when you ask a girl to marry you. You risk rejection or rejection by the girl. Nevertheless, you override your reservations and gamble. You take a gamble because, if the girl accepts, you may envision a nice future for yourself.

Professional Life and Career

  1. You exhibit the highest level of bravery and guts when you decide to study abroad for a higher degree or course. You decide to live and work in a foreign nation with a foreign language and culture. In order to build a brighter future, you must conquer your anxieties here.
  2. Before every procedure, a surgeon experiences fear. He may or may not be able to save the patient’s life. But he shows bravery and goes on. He takes chances because he wouldn’t have the opportunity to save a life if he didn’t.
  3. You display bravery when you ask your supervisor for a raise or a promotion. You have obviously given it a lot of consideration and believe that you merit a raise. Even though you are aware of your clear dread of rejection, you decide to take a chance.
  4. It takes bravery to quit a job and attempt a new one. You’re taking a big chance since you might not even enjoy the new job. You worry that if this happens, you could lose your source of income. But in life, taking chances is essential. What if your new position is far superior to your previous one? To find out, you must give it a try. By overcoming your fear, you have displayed bravery.
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General Instances

  1. When you speak out for someone who is being bullied, you display bravery. You worry that the bully may damage you as well. But you make the decision to face your worries because you believe you might be able to push the bully away. Through such deeds, you not only preserve your own life but also the lives of others.
  2. Even the simplest act of daring, like eating new food, takes courage. You plainly worry that the food would be so unpleasant that you will vomit, but you decide to take a chance. You take a gamble because you believe you’ll like it. You frequently display courage in your daily life, and this is only one little illustration of it.
  3. Another brave act is to attempt an activity like skydiving or bungee jumping. You are too afraid, and most people won’t even attempt such daring trips. However, you display bravery when you choose to face your worries and take the risk. It comes much later, whether you want it or not. However, making a decision and following through on it requires guts to face fear.

You get greater confidence and courage to speak up for bigger things in life when you engage in these modest acts of bravery in day-to-day living. You should consider these things you have been doing if you feel like you lack guts. These will give you more self-assurance and a positive self-image.

Bottom Line

To some extent, we are all pessimistic about life and hence take risks. When we are brave and take risks, we feel hopeful about the outcomes. Being brave does not imply being fearless.

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Simply said, it implies you want to take the chance and go forward because the rewards of achievement will be well worth it. You resolve to face your worries and push yourself to fulfill your obligations. Only brave men who opted to face their anxieties head-on have created great men of history.

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