How Men Fall In Love: 7 Stages

Want to know what goes through his mind when a man falls in love?

How Men Fall In Love: 7 Stages

Have you ever heard the saying, “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”? Because of how they behave, men and women appear to be from two different worlds. Falling in love is not an exception to this.

When ladies fall in love, they often experience happy moments and miss-you texts. Simply said, a man’s experience of love is different. What truly goes on in a man’s thoughts and how do guys fall in love?

Although falling in love is a joyful experience for males, love doesn’t really begin to manifest itself until later. Men’s minds often don’t function the same way as women’s do, even though women may feel an overwhelming surge of emotion the moment they realize they like a person.

How do Men Fall in Love

Do men and women experience love or a whole different kind of falling in love? Well, love is love, and we all have similar methods of loving one another. However, the way males approach falling in love is where things diverge.

Dating is a conquest to a man. He could be dating with the goal of finding the perfect partner for him.

But no matter how hard he tries, as soon as he’s on a date, his evolutionary instinct takes over. And whether or not he truly views the lady as a viable life partner, he still makes an effort to win her over and make an impression.

The opportunity to sleep with her and plant his wild oats is a side objective, of course. But when he dates a female, he makes no real effort to determine whether she is the one. He’s merely working really hard to ensure that he can win the girl over.

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So How Quickly do Men Fall in Love?

It could appear practically immediate to a girl! He shows his affection for you by pursuing you, wooing you, and even making overtures to seduce you. Sometime during the first few dates, he performs all of these things! WTF?!

All of these are undeniable indicators of a guy falling in love—and falling hard—in the eyes of a female. But regardless of how enamored he may appear—and guys may feel they are falling in love, too—he is still actively attempting to win your favor with his courting tactics.

Do Men Fall in Love When They Miss You?

Most females believe that the more a guy sees them in person, the more difficult it will be for him to fall in love. But in all honesty, the fact that she is so freely accessible just helps a guy take her lightly.

Going on dates frequently while making sure to give him a lot of space is what works. But don’t just disappear from his life!

Keep your distance in person, but remember him! Make sure you’re still in his thoughts by remaining active on social media or Instagram, sending flirtatious text messages to say hello, or just living a fulfilling life where you’re always on the go.

He’ll want to pursue you more aggressively if you’re out having fun and meeting new people because he thinks you’re a great catch and “some other man could date you,” which will make him fall for you more deeply.

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