10 Reasons Why People Who Have Big Sisters Are Really Blessed

10 Reasons Why People Who Have Big Sisters Are Really Blessed

Who else is going to cover for you when you came in late?

And that’s not all!

Your older sister is a lot of things: your closest friend, your partner in crime, someone you can always confide in, your other mom, and so much more.

Here’s a list of 10 things that explain why people who have an older sister are blessed.

1. She will be there for you. Always.

True friends remain in our life forever while other people come and go. When it comes to your big sister, that is very true. She will remain at your side no matter what occurs, whether it be good or terrible.

2. She is a person who would always forgive you.

Your sister will always find a way to forgive you, regardless of how badly you’ve wronged her. Depending on where you are in life, your friends may change. With your big sister, though, this is not the case. She will always support you and be your buddy.

3. She knows you extremely well

Sometimes our older sisters are more familiar with us than we are. She is aware of your tastes in cuisine, your dislike of the color blue, and your aversion to wearing short skirts because you don’t want people to see the scar on your knee. She is also aware of your motivations for acting a specific way and the things that bring you joy or sadness.

4. You can tell her all your secrets

You informed her initially that you had your first kiss. She is the one who supported you when you had your first breakup. She will never betray your confidence and will offer you an honest assessment of your condition, so you can always confide in her.

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5. She will give you the best advice

She is the one who can give you the finest guidance since she knows you so well—possibly even better than your parents. She will advise you on the proper course of action without passing judgment or assigning blame.

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