10 Ways To Master Your LinkedIn Profile

10 Ways To Master Your LinkedIn Profile

2. Improve your profile photo

A photo on your LinkedIn profile is not a “nice to have” option in the eyes of today’s employers — it is a must.

Sorry guys, but that poorly lit pic from last week’s excellent hair day just won’t do this time. The first thing recruiters see on LinkedIn is your profile image, so you better say cheese.

Your profile picture should be in business attire and quite conservative-looking with regard to hair and cosmetics. On many college campuses, there are opportunities for students to get their pictures professionally done for their LinkedIn pages.

Although dressing in a suit for your online profile photo may seem “extra,” you should approach LinkedIn differently than Instagram or Twitter because it is a professional platform.

Recruiters should have a positive impression of you as a professional from your LinkedIn profile image. A very neutral background and a picture that focuses mostly on your face would be your best chance for a LinkedIn profile image. Ask a buddy to take a photo if you don’t already have one that appears to fit these requirements.

There is no justification for not having a profile picture on LinkedIn given all the ways you may show your best side. Never let a hiring manager see your profile without a bright smile. And always smize (or smile with your eyes.)

3. Create a captivating summary

Recruiters immediately glance at your summary to obtain a quick overview of your experience and what you can bring to their organization before even reading the remainder of your profile. Consider it a preview of your entire profile.

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The overview part ought to accurately portray who you are. In your summary, you should draw attention to the abilities you have acquired, the principles you uphold, and the objectives you are pursuing.

You must be selective in what you want to mention because you only have 2,000 characters, but you also shouldn’t oversell yourself. Include any accomplishments and job experience that is distinctive and pertinent here. It’s acceptable to boast about oneself. Determine what distinguishes and differentiates you.

If you do not already have a summary on your LinkedIn profile, the site provides you with an example of what a skilled person’s summary would look like. Use this as a foundation and add to it. It takes a tremendous amount of self-reflection to identify the precise reasons why you enjoy your studies.

Be yourself and allow your personality flow through your words, all the while communicating your goal in the job market. For inspiration, have a look at the profiles of people who have comparable backgrounds to you or who aspire to work in your field. Just be aware that when you examine someone’s LinkedIn page, they can see. Yikes.

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