12 Reasons Why Taking Revenge On Your Ex Is Always A Bad Idea

12 Reasons Why Taking Revenge On Your Ex Is Always A Bad Idea

How often have you heard that both love and war are fair? Some conflicts, meanwhile, are better left to karma. You could be hell-bent on getting even. But that’s a terrible plan.

You must always keep in mind that it is not your business to exact revenge on someone after a breakup if they have wronged you. Most of the time, you should consider yourself lucky because you wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life with someone who would treat you badly.

Your ex might have cheated on you, or they might have started abusing you verbally and physically. In addition, they might have stolen money from you and damaged your credit. You need to find a way to move on without exacting revenge for whatever evil has been done to you.

12 Reasons Why Revenge on Your Ex is a Bad Idea

You should give your decisions a lot of thought before deciding to exact revenge on someone who has wronged you. Even though getting even with your ex sounds wonderful at the time, it is not a smart decision for the following twelve reasons.

1. You provide your ex with the ideal pretext.

When a relationship separates, you are immediately asked “who caused the breakup?” Even if you are only partially at fault, acting like a train wreck merely provides the perfect cover for free and for nothing.

Who, let’s face it, doesn’t comprehend someone who dumps a half-cooked woman? You definitely don’t want to show him a little more tolerance. So, remain composed and consider your actions or words three times before acting.

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