17 Truths About Love We Tend To Forget

17 Truths About Love We Tend To Forget

7. Love demands patience.

Love needs patience, as does time. Without learning to be patient with ourselves, the other person, and the things that take time to develop, we cannot truly love another person. In this day of quick pleasure, patience is a virtue that is all too scarce. We anticipate same-day deliveries, overnight blossoming of romances into soul mate unions, and instantaneous outcomes.

We wait patiently for things to happen organically rather than rushing, demanding, or pushing the pace. Allowing the universe to handle things as they are supposed to be handled is a necessary component of patience. Being patient means not pushing yourself too hard or making things happen. Trust that everything will turn out if it is meant to be.

8. It needs effort.

Love is a verb. Love is a deed. For it to be fully realized, work and effort are needed. To make a relationship stronger, love needs two individuals to put equal effort into it. The road to love is not one-way.

9. Being present is essential to love.

Being fully present with someone we love is crucial when we are showing that person our affection. It is crucial to pay close attention to what he or she has to say. When they share their tale, being genuinely present with them and showing empathy for them can mean the world.

The greatest and best gift we can give to one another is listening and being there. In this day and age of electronic devices, short attention spans, and self-absorbed engrossment, listening is challenging. When someone really, really listens to what we have to say, we feel more significant, respected, and special.

Be conscious of your bodily, emotional, mental, and spiritual presence. Try your hardest to avoid dwelling on the past or looking ahead to the future. The only actual reality, after all, is the present. Our mental reconstructions of memories create the past, and our mental simulations of imagined scenarios create the future. We only really ever have the now.

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10.  Love can take you by surprise…

…And it often does. Usually, love strikes us when we least expect it. We can’t plan for love; it just happens. We cannot simply determine that on Tuesday at 4:21 PM we will fall in love. At this point in our lives, we can’t just command love to happen.

Otten, we can achieve this by changing our careers, moving into a new home, or altering our enjoyable interests and pastimes. Love cannot be forced. Love cannot be hurried. Love almost likely won’t happen when you want it to, how you want it to, or with the person you want it to.

11. Every partnership has temptations.

When most consumers enter Target, they are tempted to browse the dollar aisle. Similarly, relationships are the same. There are temptations everywhere, often with low prices or in fancy packaging, such in Target’s dollar aisle.

Although you might disagree, temptations foster interpersonal relationships. Without temptations and the willpower to resist them or push them aside, there wouldn’t be much to gauge how solid a relationship is in reality.

An act of commitment to a relationship, whether it be with a friend or a significant other, is demonstrated by making a stance against one’s temptations.

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