17 Truths About Love We Tend To Forget

17 Truths About Love We Tend To Forget

17 Truths About Love

Here are 17 truths about love that we tend to forget in our fantasies of the ideal union.

1. The romance will end.

Over time, passion and romance will wane, but the trick is to keep them alive as long as possible. Your boyfriend won’t take you out on dates every weekend, and you won’t always be preparing surprises for him. We need to find a middle ground here to maintain the relationship.

2. Love is a decision.

We frequently overlook the fact that choosing to love someone and feeling love for them are both decisions we make. It differs from lustful impulses, which are frequently strong, fleeting, and uncontrollable. We decide to be loving. No matter how hard they may try, no one else can make you fall in love with him or her.

3. We often choose partners who we believe to be similar to us.

And shortly after we learn that they are different, we enter a power struggle dynamic. Then we attempt to transform our lover into the person we believe they should be. That is the root of a staggering number of interpersonal conflicts I observe.

4. Other people cannot be changed by anyone.

Although conformity and agreement might be attained, they won’t persist. An effort that is significantly more worthwhile is learning the art of acceptance.

Learn to accept your spouse in order to be truly patient (with yourself). Sometimes all it takes to get somebody to change is for you to take a new step rather than waiting for them to.

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5. Love is not a passing fancy.

We confuse infatuation with love much too frequently. A wave of emotions known as infatuation often veers toward obsession. Love is not a compulsive emotion. It doesn’t cause people to feel jealous of one another. Love is a feeling that endures. Unlike infatuation. Infatuation fades away after the initial rush of strong emotions, but love endures until another potential mate is found.

6. Love is a process.

I personally don’t think that “love at first sight” exists. True love grows with time. Love calls for trust and a thorough understanding of the other person, including their personality, pursuits, worldview, actions, and firmly held basic values. Physical attraction alone might cause you to feel infatuation and passion for someone.

But you can’t begin to genuinely know, appreciate, and trust that individual right away. It takes a lot longer for love, admiration, and respect to form and mature. Real love grows stronger over time as you develop trust. With your partner, you feel both physically and emotionally comfortable.

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