17 Truths About Love We Tend To Forget

17 Truths About Love We Tend To Forget

12. Life is not a TV or Bollywood drama.

While Bollywood and television may be realistic, they are not reality. Your connection won’t develop in the same way. There won’t always be a happy ending, and things won’t just fall into place by themselves. You must mentally prepare yourself for heartbreak in some capacity.

13. Ignorance is not bliss.

Ignoring disagreements may allow us to sleep well tonight, but in the long run, doing so will only make things worse and may even endanger our relationship.

14. At times we regret being in a relationship.

Everyone experiences it, therefore there’s no shame in acknowledging it. A relationship cannot be filled with joy all the time; there will be times or days when you feel depressed and miserable. However, by effectively talking with our partner, most issues may be overcome.

15. It’s normal for intimacy to slow down.

No matter how flat or lifeless our sexual life seems, if we’re ready, we can rekindle the passion and lust in it.

16. Each and every relationship is unique.

It doesn’t necessarily follow that we should approach our relationships in the same manner as those around us.

17. Real love cannot exist without friendship.

For example, friendship requires time, effort, and energy. You can’t simply meet someone and decide to be great friends. With love, the same is true.

People get close by becoming friends and learning about each other’s peculiarities, flaws, and habits. Through that process, you have the chance to develop closer friendships, which moves you closer to falling in love with one another. You can learn to love someone by having a deep grasp of that individual.

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A casual glance in the direction of that cute guy in the corner booth at the coffee shop does not automatically result in love. In order to get to know them, you need to go over and approach them.

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